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Revision 1.1640.2.8 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Nov 24 08:30:27 2019 UTC (15 months ago) by martin
Branch: netbsd-9
CVS Tags: netbsd-9-0-RC1
Changes since 1.1640.2.7: +3 -3 lines
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Pull up the following revisions, requested by kre in ticket #468:

	external/public-domain/tz/dist/Makefile 	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/NEWS		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/TZDATA_VERSION	up to 1.18
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/africa		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/antarctica	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/asia		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/australasia	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/backzone 	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/checktab.awk	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/europe		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/factory		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/leap-seconds.list up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/leapseconds	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/leapseconds.awk	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/northamerica	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/pacificnew	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/southamerica	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/systemv		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/theory.html	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/version		up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/zishrink.awk	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/ 	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/	up to
	external/public-domain/tz/dist/	up to
	doc/3RDPARTY					1.1655 (patch)

Import tzdata2019c from

Summary of changes in tzdata2019c (2019-09-11 08:59:48 -0700):
	Fiji observes DST from 2019-11-10 to 2020-01-12
	Norfolk Island starts observing Australian-style DST

	Plus historic corrections to time in Turkey (1940-85)
	South Korea (1948-51) Detroit (US) (1967-8), Perry County
	(Indiana, US) (pre 1970) Edmonton (CA) (1967, 1969)
	Vancouver (CA) (1946), Vienna (AT) (1946), Kaliningrad (1945-6).
	Louisville (US) (1946-50).  Brussles (BE) (1892).
	Hong Kong Winter Time (1941) now listed as being "DST".

Summary of changes in tzdata2019b (2019-07-01 00:09:53 -0700):

	Brazil no longer observes DST
	Predictions for Morocco extended to 2087.
	Panestine (March 2019) time zone change date corrected
	(and guesses for future transitions revised).

	Historic updates:  Honk Kong (1941 - 1947), Italy (1866).

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