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[TXT] 3RDPARTY  1.1524   6 days  taca   Postfix 3.1.9/3.2.6/3.3.1 has released.
[TXT] BRANCHES  1.345   2 months  pgoyette   Add new branch pgoyette-compat for cleaning up the compat modules While here, n...
[TXT] BUILDING.mdoc  1.124   3 months  leot   Fix a typo. Pointed out by aalm in #NetBSD@Freenode.
[TXT] CHANGES  1.2390   3 days  sevan   Note libbozohttpd(3) & bozohttpd(3lua) from earlier in the month.
[TXT] CHANGES.prev  1.139   5 weeks  maxv   mention SVS, retpoline, SMAP
[TXT] HACKS  1.187   13 months  scole   Add ia64 ski emulator hack
[TXT] LAST_MINUTE  1.2   15 years  lukem   branches: 1.2.2; 1.2.4; 1.2.6; 1.2.30; 1.2.40; 1.2.52; 1.2.60; Remove 1.6...
[TXT] Makefile  1.2   4 years  apb   Use TOOL_MANDOC_ASCII instead of TOOL_GROFF to format BUILDING.mdoc, and use TOO...
[TXT] README.files  1.5   5 years  riz   branches: 1.5.12; 1.5.20; The "iso" directory never made it into this file, bu...
[TXT] RESPONSIBLE  1.120   4 months  skrll   Remove port-acorn26 OK core@
[TXT] TODO  1.19   3 years  mrg   update for reality in many places.
[TXT] TODO.8  1.5   19 months  christos   more stuff is done.
[TXT] TODO.clang  1.20   16 months  joerg   The sparc atomic issues are gone.
[TXT] TODO.i18n  1.9   3 years  joerg   Reflect reality.
[TXT] TODO.kqueue  1.9   5 years  christos   res_send has been done
[TXT] TODO.modules  1.15   3 weeks  pgoyette   Add some comments/suggestions from John Nemeth. Thanks!
[TXT] TODO.nits  1.10   7 years  skrll   Remove last references to __HAVE_SIGINFO
[TXT] TODO.npf  1.2   6 weeks  maxv   branches: 1.2.2; add two entries
[TXT] TODO.ptrace  1.29   8 months  kamil   Remove the filesystem tracing feature This is a legacy interface from 4.4BSD, a...
[TXT] TODO.smpnet  1.19   2 months  maxv   Remove the Econet code. It was part of acorn26, which was removed a month ago.

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