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Revision 1.21, Sun Jan 28 01:09:57 2018 UTC (3 years ago) by rin
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.20: +5 -2 lines

Shrink ramdisk to fit INSTALL kernel within 5MB:
- drop shutdown
- replace disklabel, fsck_ffs, and newfs with stripped-down versions

#	$NetBSD: list,v 1.21 2018/01/28 01:09:57 rin Exp $

# external/bsd/less/bin has to be first, otherwise the ramdisk.mk generation fails
SRCDIRS external/bsd/less/bin bin sbin usr.bin usr.sbin

PROG	bin/cat
#PROG	bin/chio
PROG	bin/chmod
PROG	bin/cp
PROG	bin/dd
PROG	bin/df
PROG	bin/ed
PROG	bin/ln
PROG	bin/ls
PROG	bin/mkdir
PROG	bin/mv
PROG	bin/pax		usr/bin/tar
PROG	bin/pwd
#PROG	bin/rcmd
PROG	bin/rm
PROG	bin/sh
PROG	bin/stty
PROG	bin/sync

PROG	sbin/chown	bin/chgrp
PROG	sbin/disklabel
PROG	sbin/dmesg
PROG	sbin/fdisk
PROG	sbin/fsck
PROG	sbin/fsck_ffs
PROG	sbin/ifconfig
PROG	sbin/init
PROG	sbin/mknod
PROG	sbin/mount
PROG	sbin/mount_cd9660
PROG	sbin/mount_ffs
PROG	sbin/mount_msdos
PROG	sbin/mount_nfs
PROG	sbin/newfs	sbin/mount_mfs
PROG	sbin/ping
PROG	sbin/reboot	sbin/halt
PROG	sbin/restore	sbin/rrestore
PROG	sbin/route
#PROG	sbin/scsictl
#PROG	sbin/shutdown
#PROG	sbin/slattach
PROG	sbin/swapctl
PROG	sbin/umount

PROG	usr/bin/ftp
PROG	usr/bin/gzip	usr/bin/gzcat usr/bin/gunzip
PROG	usr/bin/less	usr/bin/more
PROG	usr/bin/sed
PROG	usr/bin/tip

PROG	usr/sbin/chroot

# init invokes the shell as -sh
ARGVLN	sh -sh

SPECIAL	disklabel	srcdir	distrib/utils/x_disklabel
SPECIAL	ed		srcdir	distrib/utils/x_ed
SPECIAL	fsck_ffs	srcdir	distrib/utils/x_fsck_ffs
SPECIAL	gzip		srcdir	distrib/utils/x_gzip
SPECIAL	ifconfig	srcdir	distrib/utils/x_ifconfig
SPECIAL	newfs		srcdir	distrib/utils/x_newfs
SPECIAL	ping		srcdir	distrib/utils/x_ping
SPECIAL	route		srcdir	distrib/utils/x_route

LIBS	libhack.o -lutil -lcurses -lterminfo -lrmt -lcrypt -ll -lm -lz -lprop

# various files that we need in /etc for the install
COPY	${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/group		etc/group
COPY	${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/master.passwd	etc/master.passwd
COPY	${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/netconfig		etc/netconfig
COPY	${DISTRIBDIR}/common/protocols		etc/protocols
COPY	${DISTRIBDIR}/common/services		etc/services

# and the installation tools
COPY	${CURDIR}/dot.profile		.profile