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Diff for /src/distrib/utils/sysinst/Attic/install.c between version 1.37 and 1.38

version 1.37, 2003/07/25 08:26:21 version 1.38, 2003/09/27 10:47:17
Line 73  do_install(void)
Line 73  do_install(void)
         process_menu(MENU_distset, NULL);          process_menu(MENU_distset, NULL);
         /* if we need the user to mount root, ask them to. */  
         if (must_mount_root()) {  
                     diskdev, diskdev, diskdev, diskdev);  
                 process_menu(MENU_ok, NULL);  
         if (!md_get_info()) {          if (!md_get_info()) {
                 msg_display(MSG_abort);                  msg_display(MSG_abort);
                 process_menu(MENU_ok, NULL);                  process_menu(MENU_ok, NULL);

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