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Diff for /src/distrib/miniroot/list between version 1.20 and

version 1.20, 2002/05/07 14:59:35 version, 2002/05/29 04:55:03
Line 24  PROG bin/stty
Line 24  PROG bin/stty
 PROG    bin/sleep  PROG    bin/sleep
 PROG    bin/sync  PROG    bin/sync
 PROG    sbin/fsck_ffs sbin/fsck  PROG    sbin/fsck_ffs   sbin/fsck
 PROG    sbin/reboot sbin/halt  
 PROG    sbin/ifconfig  PROG    sbin/ifconfig
 PROG    sbin/init  PROG    sbin/init
 PROG    sbin/mknod  PROG    sbin/mknod
Line 35  PROG sbin/mount_ffs
Line 34  PROG sbin/mount_ffs
 PROG    sbin/mount_nfs  PROG    sbin/mount_nfs
 PROG    sbin/newfs      sbin/mount_mfs  PROG    sbin/newfs      sbin/mount_mfs
 PROG    sbin/ping  PROG    sbin/ping
   PROG    sbin/reboot     sbin/halt
 PROG    sbin/route  PROG    sbin/route
 PROG    sbin/shutdown  PROG    sbin/shutdown
 PROG    sbin/slattach  PROG    sbin/slattach
Line 68  COPY ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/protocols  etc/
Line 68  COPY ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/protocols  etc/
 COPY    ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/services            etc/services  COPY    ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/etc/services            etc/services
 # and the installation scripts  # and the installation scripts
 COPY    ${CURDIR}/install.sub           install.sub  COPY    ${CURDIR}/install.sh            install         555
 COPY    ${CURDIR}/install.sh            install         755  COPY    ${CURDIR}/upgrade.sh            upgrade         555
 COPY    ${CURDIR}/upgrade.sh            upgrade         755  
 CMD     sed "/^VERSION=/s/=.*/=${DISTRIBREV}/" < ${CURDIR}/install.sub > install.sub  CMD     sed "/^VERSION=/s/=.*/=${DISTRIBREV}/" < ${CURDIR}/install.sub > install.sub
   MTREE   ./install.sub   type=file uname=root gname=wheel mode=0444

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