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Revision 1.4, Sun Mar 22 15:02:24 2009 UTC (11 years, 3 months ago) by tsutsui
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Add an example to build an ISO from compiled release binaries
by "build.sh release" in RELEASEDIR.

$NetBSD: README,v 1.4 2009/03/22 15:02:24 tsutsui Exp $

This distrib/cdrom directory was used to create bootable CD images
in the past releases with optional rsync(1) and mkisofs(8) tool.
All necessary binaries for ISOs must be prepared in ${DISTRIBDIR},
which is ${.OBJDIR}/download by default, and the binaries can be fetched
by rsync(1) with the "fetch" target defined in Makefile.

Now build.sh script has the "iso-image" target using our native makefs(8)
and this distrib/cdrom is being superseded, but our makefs(8) still
lacks support for a hybrid ISO9660/HFS file system which is required
to create bootable CD images for mac68k and macppc.

On the other hand, the recent version of mkisofs(8) seems to use
iconv(3) libraries on creating the hybrid ISO9660/HFS file system,
but the latest mkisofs(8) (at least cdrtools- from pkgsrc
dumps core on it. cdrtools-2.01 is required to build images. (PR pkg/37643)

Note you can also use compiled release binaries prepared in RELEASEDIR by
"build.sh release" if you need only single ISO image for a specific port.

Environment variables:

  specify target release version (no default, mandatory)

  specify target ${MACHINE}cd name
  (default: all targets defined in ${RELEASE}.conf)

  specify mkisofs(8) path (default: /usr/pkg/bin/mkisofs)

  specify rsync(1) path (default: /usr/pkg/bin/rsync)

  specify rsync host (default: rsync.NetBSD.org)

  specify extra prefix path of NetBSD module names for rsync mirrors
   ex. "/pub", "/netbsd" etc. (default: empty)

  specify directory name on using NetBSD-daily snapshot for -current
   ex. "200712060002Z" etc. (no default; mandatory for -current)

  spcify branch name on using NetBSD-daily snapshot (default: current)

  specify suffix of directory names used for pre-releases
   ex. "_BETA2", "_RC5" etc. (default: empty)

  specify path used to rsync hosts (default: set from the above variables)

Example usage:

make RELEASE=5.0 TARGET_CD_IMAGE=mac68kcd fetch
 -> fetch 5.0 mac68k sets from

 -> fetch 4.0_RC5 mac68k sets from

make RELEASE=current TARGET_CD_IMAGE=mac68kcd \
    DAILY_DIR=200903060000Z fetch
 -> fetch -current mac68k sets from

    RSYNC_HOST=rsync3.jp.NetBSD.org \
    RSYNC_PATH_PREFIX=/pub fetch
 -> fetch 4.0_RC5 mac68k sets from

make RELEASE=5.0 TARGET_CD_IMAGE=mac68kcd \
    RSYNC_HOST=rsync.jp.NetBSD.org \
    RSYNC_PATH=/NetBSD-daily/netbsd-5/200903070000Z fetch
 -> fetch mac68k sets of netbsd-5 branch from

make RELEASE=5.0 TARGET_CD_IMAGE=mac68kcd all
 -> build an ISO image for mac68k from downloaded files as the above

make RELEASE=5.0 TARGET_CD_IMAGE=macppccd \
    DISTRIBDIR=/usr/obj.macppc/releasedir all
 -> build an ISO image for macppc from release binaries
    built by "build.sh release" in the RELEASEDIR 
    (use appropriate RELEASEDIR on your build environment)