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Diff for /src/distrib/cdrom/3.0.conf between version 1.1 and 1.2

version 1.1, 2005/12/08 21:13:28 version 1.2, 2007/03/07 21:59:15
Line 149  BASE_PORTS.multi-cd2-${ISO_RELEASE} = al
Line 149  BASE_PORTS.multi-cd2-${ISO_RELEASE} = al
                 amiga atari mac68k next68k sun3                  amiga atari mac68k next68k sun3
 BASE_PORTS.multi-cd3-${ISO_RELEASE}= amd64 \  BASE_PORTS.multi-cd3-${ISO_RELEASE}= amd64 \
                 cobalt hpcmips pmax sgimips vax                  cobalt hpcmips pmax vax
 BASE_PORTS.acorn26cd-${ISO_RELEASE}=acorn26  BASE_PORTS.acorn26cd-${ISO_RELEASE}=acorn26
 BASE_PORTS.acorn32cd-${ISO_RELEASE}=acorn32  BASE_PORTS.acorn32cd-${ISO_RELEASE}=acorn32

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