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Revision 1.4, Tue Apr 10 08:08:04 2001 UTC (17 years, 10 months ago) by itojun
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.3: +2 -1 lines

upgrade to openssh 2.5.4 (2001/4/10).

major behavior changes: (made in openssh master tree - openbsd usr.bin/ssh)
- ssh(1) now defaults to ssh protocol version 2.
  if you want version 1 to take precedence, use /etc/ssh.conf to override.
- config change: ~/.ssh/id_rsa[12] is now ~/.ssh/id_rsa (changed 4/3)
- forced client rekey for protocol version 2 (~R)
- swap gid when uid swaps.
- ListenAddress syntax can take [foo]:port for IPv6 numerics.
- "ssh -D 1080" allows us to use ssh tunnel as SOCKS4 proxy.

#	$NetBSD: sshd_config,v 1.4 2001/04/10 08:08:04 itojun Exp $
#	$OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.34 2001/02/24 10:37:26 deraadt Exp $

# This is the sshd server system-wide configuration file.  See sshd(8)
# for more information.

Port 22
#Protocol 2,1
#ListenAddress ::
HostKey /etc/ssh_host_key
HostKey /etc/ssh_host_rsa_key
HostKey /etc/ssh_host_dsa_key
ServerKeyBits 768
LoginGraceTime 600
KeyRegenerationInterval 3600
PermitRootLogin yes
# Don't read ~/.rhosts and ~/.shosts files
IgnoreRhosts yes
IgnoreRootRhosts yes
# Uncomment if you don't trust ~/.ssh/known_hosts for RhostsRSAAuthentication
#IgnoreUserKnownHosts yes
StrictModes yes
X11Forwarding no
X11DisplayOffset 10
PrintMotd yes
#PrintLastLog no
KeepAlive yes

# Logging
SyslogFacility AUTH
LogLevel INFO
#obsoletes QuietMode and FascistLogging

RhostsAuthentication no
# For this to work you will also need host keys in /etc/ssh_known_hosts
RhostsRSAAuthentication no
RSAAuthentication yes

# To disable tunneled clear text passwords, change to no here!
PasswordAuthentication yes
PermitEmptyPasswords no

# Uncomment to disable s/key passwords 
#ChallengeResponseAuthentication no

# To change Kerberos options
#KerberosAuthentication no
#KerberosOrLocalPasswd yes
#AFSTokenPassing no
#KerberosTicketCleanup no

# Kerberos TGT Passing does only work with the AFS kaserver
#KerberosTgtPassing yes

#CheckMail yes
#UseLogin no

#MaxStartups 10:30:60
#Banner /etc/issue.net
#ReverseMappingCheck yes

Subsystem	sftp	/usr/libexec/sftp-server