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Add a note about FreeBSD.


This package provides a way to use the native IPsec functionality 
in the Linux 2.6+ kernel. It works as well on NetBSD and FreeBSD.

	- libipsec, a PF_KEYv2 library
	- setkey, a tool to directly manipulate policies and SAs
	- racoon, an IKEv1 keying daemon

IPsec-tools were ported to Linux from the KAME project 
(http://www.kame.net) by Derek Atkins <derek@ihtfp.com>.


The ipsec-tools code has been maintained and developed by: 

	Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu@netbsd.org>
	VANHULLEBUS Yvan <vanhu@free.fr>
	Matthew Grooms <mgrooms@shrew.net>
	Timo Teräs <timo.teras@iki.fi>
	IHTFP Consulting <http://www.ihtfp.com/>
	SUSE Linux AG <http://www.suse.com/>

Under the NetBSD CVS repository, several other people maintain it.


Ipsec-tools was originally developed by the KAME project. It was then moved
on SourfeForge, at the following address:


Due to too restricted commit accesses, the development stalled, and the
source code was moved into NetBSD's CVS repository, in:


However, many distributions still take their tarballs from SourceForge, and
each distribution maintains local patches.

FreeBSD maintains its own libipsec and setkey tools, in:


A Trac used to exist, at the following address:


but the domain expired and was not renewed.

The mailing lists from SourceForge still exist: