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[TXT]  1.23   2 years  isaki   Add missing atomic_and_{8,16}_nv_cas.c for __sync_and_and_fetch_{1,2}. XXX why i...
[TXT] atomic_cas.S  1.13   7 years  martin   branches: 1.13.26; Provide the missing __sync_* ops for sparc.
[TXT] atomic_cas_up.S  1.2   7 years  martin   branches: 1.2.26; Provide _atomic_cas_{16,8}_up
[TXT] atomic_op_asm.h  1.6   11 years  joerg   branches: 1.6.48; Move SPARC and SPARC64 to modern CPP. Update UPDATING note fo...
[TXT] membar_ops.S  1.4   13 years  chs   branches: 1.4.62; enable profiling of assembly functions.

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