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Diff for /src/build.sh between version 1.254 and 1.255

version 1.254, 2012/02/26 20:32:40 version 1.255, 2012/08/05 04:39:09
Line 554  getarch()
Line 554  getarch()
         #          #
         case "${MACHINE}" in          case "${MACHINE}" in
                   # MACHINE_ARCH is "arm" or "armeb", not "armel"
         evbarm-e[bl])          evbarm-e[bl])
                 makewrappermachine=${MACHINE}                  makewrappermachine=${MACHINE}
                 # MACHINE_ARCH is "arm" or "armeb", not "armel"                  # MACHINE_ARCH is "arm" or "armeb", not "armel"
Line 671  validatearch()
Line 679  validatearch()
         #          #
         case "${MACHINE_ARCH}" in          case "${MACHINE_ARCH}" in
         alpha|arm|armeb|hppa|i386|m68000|m68k|mipse[bl]|mips64e[bl]|powerpc|powerpc64|sh3e[bl]|sparc|sparc64|vax|x86_64|ia64)          alpha|arm|armeb|earm|earmeb|hppa|i386|m68000|m68k|mipse[bl]|mips64e[bl]|powerpc|powerpc64|sh3e[bl]|sparc|sparc64|vax|x86_64|ia64)
                 ;;                  ;;
         "")          "")
Line 689  validatearch()
Line 697  validatearch()
         case "${MACHINE}" in          case "${MACHINE}" in
         evbarm)          evbarm)
                 arches="arm armeb"                  arches="arm armeb earm earmeb"
                   arches="arm earm"
                 ;;                  ;;
         algor|arc|cobalt|pmax)          algor|arc|cobalt|pmax)

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