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Diff for /src/build.sh between version 1.253 and

version 1.253, 2012/01/22 03:53:32 version, 2012/03/02 16:48:10
Line 503  initdefaults()
Line 503  initdefaults()
         do_syspkgs=false          do_syspkgs=false
         do_iso_image=false          do_iso_image=false
         do_iso_image_source=false          do_iso_image_source=false
         do_params=false          do_params=false
         do_rump=false          do_rump=false
Line 1577  validatemakeparams()
Line 1579  validatemakeparams()
                 fi                  fi
                 ;;                  ;;
         esac          esac
           # live-image and install-image targets require binary sets
           # (actually DESTDIR/etc/mtree/set.* files) built with MKUNPRIVED.
           # If release operation is specified with live-image or install-image,
           # the release op should be performed with -U for later image ops.
           if ${do_release} && ( ${do_live_image} || ${do_install_image} ) && \
               [ "${MKUNPRIVED}" = "no" ] ; then
                   bomb "-U must be specified on building release to create images later."
 }  }
Line 1972  main()
Line 1984  main()
                         statusmsg "Successful make ${op}"                          statusmsg "Successful make ${op}"
                         ;;                          ;;
                 live-image)                  live-image|install-image)
                         ${runcmd} "${makewrapper}" ${parallel} ${op} ||                          # install-image and live-image require mtree spec files
                             bomb "Failed to make ${op}"                          # built with UNPRIVED.  Assume UNPRIVED build has been
                         statusmsg "Successful make ${op}"                          # performed if METALOG file is created in DESTDIR.
                         ;;                          if [ ! -e "${DESTDIR}/METALOG" ] ; then
                                   bomb "The release binaries must have been built with -U to create images."
                 install-image)                          fi
                         ${runcmd} "${makewrapper}" ${parallel} ${op} ||                          ${runcmd} "${makewrapper}" ${parallel} ${op} ||
                             bomb "Failed to make ${op}"                              bomb "Failed to make ${op}"
                         statusmsg "Successful make ${op}"                          statusmsg "Successful make ${op}"

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