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Revision 1.1, Thu Aug 17 20:17:43 2000 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by abs
Branch: MAIN

Initial cut of an 'UPDATING' file, intended to help those tracking -current.
Most of this taken directly from Eric Haszlakiewicz's README.
It is the hope that developers will update this as they make changes that
break 'make build' from an earlier version of the tree.

$NetBSD: UPDATING,v 1.1 2000/08/17 20:17:43 abs Exp $

This file is intended to be a brief introduction to the build
process and a reference on what to do if something doesn't work.

For a more detailed description see Makefile.

Recent changes:

	MKCRYPTO and friends added to share/mk/bsd.own.mk.
	'cd share/mk ; make install' needed before make build.

Hints for a more successful build:
    Use object directories:
	This helps to keep stale object
	   files from polluting the build if a Makefile "forgets"
	   about one.  It also makes it easier to clean up after
	   a build.  It's also necessary if you want to use the
	   same source tree for multiple machines.
	   To use object directories:
	    a) cd /usr/src ; make cleandir
	    b) Add "OBJMACHINE=obj.<arch>" to /etc/mk.conf
	    c) cd /usr/src ; make obj
	    d) cd /usr/src ; make build
    Build to a DESTDIR:
	This helps to keep old
	   installed files (especially libraries) from interfering
	   with the new build.
	   To build to a DESTDIR, set the DESTDIR environment
	   variable before running make build.
	   Problems: you might need to update critical utilities
		without using DESTDIR since nothing is executed
		from what is installed in DESTDIR.
		(See critical utils, below)
    Build often:
	This keeps critical utilities current enough to not choke
	on any other part of the source tree that depends on up to
	date functionality.
What to do if things don't work:
When things don't work there is usually a few things that commonly
should be done.
    1)	make includes
	This should be done automatically by make build.
    2)  cd share/mk && make install
	Again, automatically done by make build.

Failsafe rebuild of a small part of the tree:
To make sure you rebuild something correctly you want to do
something like the following:
    1)  Make sure the includes and .mk files are up to date.
    2)  Make sure any program used to build the particular
	utility is up to date.  (yacc, lex, etc...)
    3)  cd ...path/to/util...
	make cleandir
	rm ...all obj directories...
	make cleandir			# yes, again
	make obj
	make depend && make

Failsafe rebuild of the entire tree:
If you really want to make sure the source tree is clean and
ready for a build try the following:

---cut here---
. /etc/mk.conf

if [ -z $BSDSRCDIR ] ; then
if [ \! -d $BSDSRCDIR ] ; then
    echo Unable to find sources
    exit 1
find $BSDSRCDIR -name \*.o -o -name obj.\* -o -name obj -exec rm \{\} \;

if [ -z $BSDOBJDIR ] ; then
if [ -d $BSDOBJDIR ] ; then
    rm -rf $BSDOBJDIR

cd $BSDSRCDIR && make cleandir

---cut here---

Critical utilities:

Other problems and possibly solutions:
Symptom:Unreasonable compiler errors.
Fix:	Rebuild gnu/usr.bin/egcs

Symptom:Complaints involving a Makefile.
Fix:	Make sure .mk files are up to date.
	cd share/mk && make install
Fix:	Rebuild usr.bin/make

Fix:	Rebuild usr.bin/yacc

Fix:	Rebuild usr.bin/lex

Fix:	rm /usr/lib/libbfd.a