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version 1.74, 2002/11/20 04:36:43 version 1.75, 2002/11/21 18:05:59
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           A bug related to how ARM ELF objects were tagged has been
           NetBSD ARM ELF uses the soft-VFP floating point model by
           default.  However, the assembler lacked support for marking
           objects as using the VFP floating point format, and the
           compiler was no properly passing the flag indicating "soft-VFP"
           to the assembler.
           Unfortunately, this means that the linker will now consider
           old (i.e. not marked "softvfp") NetBSD ARM ELF objects to be
           incompatible with new (properly marked) objects.
           The problem will only manifest itself if you attempt to compile
           a new program using the fixed toolchain, and link that program
           against old libraries which do not have the proper "softvfp"
           The only work-around for the problem is to recompile all of
           the libraries on the system.  The easiest way to do this for
           system libraries is to install a binary snapshot; there are
           generally available on releng.netbsd.org.  Any packages you
           have installed which supply libraries will have to be recompiled
           if you wish to link new programs against those libraries.
           If you have questions about this matter, please contact
 20021011:  20021011:
         Systrace has been improved to support privilege elevation.          Systrace has been improved to support privilege elevation.
         Updating the kernel requires the userland part of systrace          Updating the kernel requires the userland part of systrace

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