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version, 2020/04/21 19:37:29 version 1.296, 2018/07/16 11:45:01
Line 19  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
Line 19  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
         GCC 8 ports will need cleaning in src/tools/gcc and  
         src/external/gpl3/gcc due to GCC 8.4 update.  
         More architectures were switched to gcc8:  
             i386, ia64 powerpc64, sparc, sparc64, arm  
         The same comments as in 20191022 apply.  
         The LLVM update requires a clean rebuild for all architectures using  
         LLVM during the tools build phase (i386, amd64, aarch64).  
         Ports amd64 and aarch64 switched to GCC 8.3 by default.  
         In-place ("expert mode", build.sh -E) builds are not supported  
         when going from a GCC 7 userland to GCC 8. Do a regular  
         build to a different DESTDIR (or preferably: build.sh -U) at least  
         once and install sets, or download comp.{tar.xz,tgz} from the  
         daily builds and install that before doing the next in-place build.  
         GCC 8.3 was imported.  Builds of src/tools/gcc may fail if  
         old builds with GCC 7 output now uses GCC 8.  Clean this  
         directory, and also clean src/external/gpl3/gcc.  
         Files with names that coincide with existing files' names on  
         case-insensitive file systems were inadvertently committed, for  
         radeon GPU firmware.  We cannot mark these as obsolete for  
         postinstall to fix, so if you updated src since 2019-08-26, and  
         ran build.sh distribution or ran build.sh release, you must  
         manually delete the following files in your DESTDIR (which is  
         usually $OBJDIR/destir.$ARCH), or from / if you have installed  
         We will re-import these radeon firmware images another way  
         The uefi bootloader has gained tftp support and needs a clean  
         build. If you do update builds, manually clean its object  
         directory by something like:  
         cd sys/arch/i386/stand/efiboot && make clean  
         The jemalloc allocator in libc is now build without extended  
         debugging (for performance reasons). In update builds make sure  
         to rebuild it completly, by removing all affected object files,  
         including compat builds, something like:  
         cd /usr/obj && find . -type d -name jemalloc|xargs rm -rf  
         GCC 7 switched for many ports.  Update builds are likely to fail.  
         A newer OpenSSL version has been imported. If you are doing  
         update builds, make sure to remove all old obj dirs, like:  
         cd /usr/obj && find . -type d -name openssl | xargs rm -rf  
         On aarch64 int64_t and related types have changed from long long  
         to long. This requires recompiling all C++ binaries.  
 20180713:  20180713:
         On amd64 and i386 static binaries are now build position          On amd64 and i386 static binaries are now build position
         independend. This requires recompilation of all object          independend. This requires recompilation of all object

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