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Diff for /src/UPDATING between version 1.263 and 1.264

version 1.263, 2015/09/19 18:31:41 version 1.264, 2016/01/25 09:24:29
Line 19  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
Line 19  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           Dtrace has been enabled by default on some architectures.
           When doing an update build, make sure to clean the etc/mtree
           object directory before starting the build - otherwise the
           needed directories in destdir will not be created.
           An easy way to do this is:
              cd src/etc/mtree && $TOOLDIR/bin/nbmake-$arch cleandir
 20150818:  20150818:
         New acpica requires "make cleandir" in src/external/bsd/acpica          New acpica requires "make cleandir" in src/external/bsd/acpica
         again.          again.

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