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Diff for /src/UPDATING between version 1.15 and 1.73

version 1.15, 2001/02/04 19:50:26 version 1.73, 2002/10/11 21:55:48
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           Systrace has been improved to support privilege elevation.
           Updating the kernel requires the userland part of systrace
           to be rebuild.
           The config(8) grammar was changed to allow options to register
           dependencies on attributes, as well as other options.  Users
           must update and reinstall usr.sbin/config before building a new
           A new attribute dependency syntax was introduced to config(8),
           which is now used by the SCSI configuration description.  Users
           must update and reinstall usr.sbin/config before building a new
           Several changes have been made to the autoconfiguration
           framework.  Users must update and reinstall usr.sbin/config
           before building a new kernel.
           MKDYNAMICROOT=yes enabled by default, which means that
           certain shared libraries are installed into /lib, the shared
           linker is installed into /libexec, and all programs in /bin
           and /sbin are dynamically linked.
           If you do not use "make build", you should ensure that
           you have the libraries and shared linker in the new locations,
                   make do-lib-csu do-lib-libc do-lib do-gnu-lib do-ld.elf_so
           USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN has been replaced with:
               -   TOOLCHAIN_MISSING -- set to "yes" on platforms for which
                   there is no working in-tree toolchain (hppa, ns32k, sh5,
               -   EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN -- if defined by the user, points to the
                   root ofan external toolchain (e.g. /usr/local/gnu).  This
                   enables the cross-build framework even for TOOLCHAIN_MISSING
           gehenna-devsw has been merged into the trunk. Need to update and
           reinstall usr.sbin/config before build the kernel.
           Crunched rescue tools (contents of /bin and /sbin, plus others)
           are now provided in /rescue.
           To ensure that these are built statically linked (no matter
           what the setting of LDSTATIC is), use a crunchgen(1) built
           from sources newer than 20020820 (see the next entry).
           crunchgen(1) changed to ensure that the generated program
           is statically linked.
           Solution: update and reinstall usr.bin/crunch
           sshd user/group has been added.  Need to hand add this in, or sshd
           will not let you log in (with default, or UsePrivlegeSeparation=yes)
           Add the following into /etc/group:
           and the following to /etc/master.passwd (via vipw):
           sshd:*:16:16::0:0:& pseudo-user:/var/chroot/sshd:/sbin/nologin
           also /var/chroot/sshd directory needs to be present (digged as a part of
           build process).
           NBUILDJOBS obsoleted in favor of just using -j.
           etc/postinstall added, which performs various checks for
           configuration file updates and changes, and can fix most of
           the problems identified.
           This should make it much easier to upgrade a system's
           configuration from earlier systems (as far back as NetBSD 1.5).
           <bsd.lib.mk> needs a new install(1) for it's "-a cmd" support.
           build and install at usr.bin/xinstall before the build.
           raw IPv6 socket now makes strict checking for sa_family and sa_len
           on send(2) operation.  be sure to have sbin/rtsol and usr.sbin/rtsold
           newer than November 2001 when you upgrade the kernel.
           ssh configuration files were moved from /etc to /etc/ssh.  Beware
           if you restart your machine from remote.  Note that sshd.conf needs
           to be changed (due to the use of "/etc" inside).
           Users of the VAX port will need to rebuild and install gas
           so it deal with the now present register prefix used in all
           the VAX assembly files.
           ntpd user/group has been added.  Need to hand add this in or builds
           will break as mtree aborts early.
           Add the following into /etc/group:
           and the following to /etc/master.passwd (via vipw):
           ntpd:*:15:15::0:0:Ntpd pseudo-user:/var/chroot/ntpd:/sbin/nologin
           If you're attempting to build a snapshot on sparc64 and are getting
           reloc errors from the toolchain groff binary this means your native
           toolchain has some broken C++ bits.
           To fix:
           Build a new toolchain (i.e. build.sh -t)
           Use the new toolchain to build and install natively (i.e. /usr/lib)
           After this a snapshot will be able to be built.
           In order for a sparc64 build to work you must have a working awk. If
           you've built and installed a system with the new toolchain up to this
           point you do not have a working awk as its ability to do floating
           point is broken.
           To build:
           remake and install gnu/lib/libgcc
           remake and install gnu/usr.bin/gawk into /usr/bin (make sure it links
           against the new libgcc.a)
           Kernel config information was changed to use defflag in
           the various "files" files.  Bug fixes to config(8) are
           required in order for this to work properly.  Make sure
           to build and install in usr.sbin/config before attempting
           to build a new kernel.
           libc/locale/wcstod.c now needs new lint(1). Update lint(1)
           before building libc.
           The new document BUILDING.mdoc (view with nroff | more, or
           see pre-generated .txt and .html versions) describes the build
           procedure in great detail.  BUILDING, and the USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN
           build process, are intended in the long run to replace this
           manual update log.
           Users building a USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN system should read the
           BUILDING document for caveats.  Generally, BUILDING supersedes
           UPDATING for these systems, as tool updating is taken care of
           by the new build system.
           src/etc/Makefile now needs install to be able to handle
           symlinks that point to nowhere. A bug in install that
           prevented this was corrected.
           Solution: update and reinstall usr.bin/xinstall
           Better Solution: Use the new toolchain and it will just work
           for you.
           /etc/mtree/NetBSD.dist has been updated to take advantage of
           absolute path support added to mtree(8). Older mtree(8)s don't
           understand the format.
           Solution: update and reinstall usr.sbin/mtree
           Crunchgen has been updated to work via reach-over makefiles. Updating
           is suggested before running a snapshot build
           The new "ubcperf" code committed by Chuck Silvers removed
           a header file, uvm/uvm_vnode.h.  There may be stale .depend
           files that still reference this file.
           Solution: "make cleandir && make dependall" in affected
           grep.info is now built from grep.texi using makeinfo.  Since it
           requires makeinfo v4.0, you need to install new texinfo before
           building gnu/usr.bin/grep.  To install new texinfo, please follow
           the instruction described in 20010726 entry.
           (i386 only): i386 kernel now uses new instructions like
           `fxsave' which old gas doesn't understand.  To build the
           kernel successfully, you need to build and install a new toolchain,
           (i.e., build.sh -t) or  (temporarily) comment out "options I686_CPU"
           from your kernel configuration until you rebuild your userland.
           See 20011029 above and BUILDING file in this directory for more information.
           [updated 20020630 since i386 gas moved when USE_NEW_TOOLCHAIN enabled]
           Bootloader update on ELF platforms.  DDB in kernels from before
           this will be unable to read symbol tables provided by newer
           Texinfo was updated to 4.0.  To avoid failures when trying to
           build the included texinfo files, do:
           cd src/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo
           make MKINFO=no dependall install
           Enabled correct .init/.fini processing in crt0.  The way this
           was done was to change a -I directive to cc(1), which means
           make(1) will have a stale dependency (it will be checking the
           timestamp on the wrong "dot_init.h").
           The symptom you will see is that new programs die with SIGSEGV
           if you have a stale dependency.
           Solution: "make cleandir" in both lib/csu and libexec/ld.elf_so
           before starting your build.
           A construct was added to uvm_page.h that uncovered a bug
           in lint(1).  If you get a warning/error about a non-portable
           bitfield, update your lint(1) before proceeding.
           Added named user/group to system. Need to hand add this in or builds
           will break as mtree aborts early.
           To work around add by hand:
           to /etc/group and add:
           named:*:14:14::0:0:Named pseudo-user:/var/named:/sbin/nologin
           to master.passwd (use vipw for instance if doing by hand).
           Now a make build should progress.
           get/setprogname() added. Any hostprogs that may use this will need
           to be bootstrapped manually until the host system is current.
           Known problems: sys/arch/macppc/stand/fixcoff
                           usr.sbin/config (adding -DMAKE_BOOTSTRAP to
                             CFLAGS and rebuilding should work)
                           usr.sbin/mdsetimage - Build a static copy if
                             building a snapshot before fully bootstrapped.
 20010204:  20010204:
         prepare the code to compile with stricter gcc flags. in          prepare the code to compile with stricter gcc flags. in
         particular start eliminating redundant declarations. Yacc          particular start eliminating redundant declarations. Yacc
Line 16  Recent changes:
Line 282  Recent changes:
 20010114:  20010114:
         introduce .if commands(target) in make(1). You need to          introduce .if commands(target) in make(1). You need to
         bring everything up-to-date first, then without installing          bring everything up-to-date first, then without installing
         anything make and install in /usr/bin/make, then proceed          anything make and install in usr.bin/make, then proceed
         with make build.          with make build.
 20010101:  20010101:
Line 38  Recent changes:
Line 304  Recent changes:
         The following make directives are obsoleted.          The following make directives are obsoleted.
         By default, RSA is built into libcrypto.  IDEA and RC5 will not be          By default, RSA is built into libcrypto.  IDEA and RC5 will not be
         bulit into libcrypto.  By using MKCRYPTO_{RC5,IDEA}, you can build          built into libcrypto.  By using MKCRYPTO_{RC5,IDEA}, you can build
         additional library libcrypto_{idea,rc5}.          additional library libcrypto_{idea,rc5}.
         MKCRYPTO and friends added to share/mk/bsd.own.mk.  
         'cd share/mk ; make install' needed before make build.  
 Hints for a more successful build:  Hints for a more successful build:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Line 115  for anyone who uses any make(1) features
Line 377  for anyone who uses any make(1) features
 #!/bin/sh  #!/bin/sh
 . /etc/mk.conf  . /etc/mk.conf
 if [ -z $BSDSRCDIR ] ; then  if [ -z $NETBSDSRCDIR ] ; then
     BSDSRCDIR=/usr/src      NETBSDSRCDIR=/usr/src
 fi  fi
 if [ \! -d $BSDSRCDIR ] ; then  if [ \! -d $NETBSDSRCDIR ] ; then
     echo Unable to find sources      echo Unable to find sources
     exit 1      exit 1
 fi  fi
 find $BSDSRCDIR -name \*.o -o -name obj.\* -o -name obj -exec rm \{\} \;  find $NETBSDSRCDIR -name \*.o -o -name obj.\* -o -name obj -exec rm \{\} \;
 if [ -z $BSDOBJDIR ] ; then  if [ -z $BSDOBJDIR ] ; then
     BSDOBJDIR=/usr/obj      BSDOBJDIR=/usr/obj
Line 131  if [ -d $BSDOBJDIR ] ; then
Line 393  if [ -d $BSDOBJDIR ] ; then
     rm -rf $BSDOBJDIR      rm -rf $BSDOBJDIR
 fi  fi
 cd $BSDSRCDIR && make cleandir  cd $NETBSDSRCDIR && make cleandir
 ---cut here---  ---cut here---
Line 145  Critical utilities:
Line 407  Critical utilities:
         usr.bin/xlint          usr.bin/xlint
         usr.sbin/config          usr.sbin/config
 Other problems and possibly solutions:  Other problems and possible solutions:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Symptom:Unreasonable compiler errors.  Symptom:Unreasonable compiler errors.
 Fix:    Rebuild gnu/usr.bin/egcs  Fix:    Rebuild gnu/usr.bin/egcs
 Symptom:Complaints involving a Makefile.  Symptom:Complaints involving a Makefile.
 Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/make  Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/make:
           cd usr.bin/make && make && make install
           Or, a failsafe method if that doesn't work:
           cd usr.bin/make && cc *.c */*.c -I . -o make && mv make /usr/bin
 Fix:    Make sure .mk files are up to date.  Fix:    Make sure .mk files are up to date.
         cd share/mk && make install          cd share/mk && make install
Line 182  Fix: Build and install usr.bin/mklocale
Line 448  Fix: Build and install usr.bin/mklocale
 Symptom:undefined reference to `__assert13'  Symptom:undefined reference to `__assert13'
 Fix:    Rebuild and install lib/libc  Fix:    Rebuild and install lib/libc
   Symptom:usr.sbin/config fails to build.
   Fix:    Try building with -DMAKE_BOOTSTRAP added to CFLAGS in Makefile.
   Symptom:undefined reference to `getprogname' or `setprogname'
   Fix:    Rebuild and install lib/libc
   Symptom:lint does not understand the '-X' option
   Fix:    May need to build & install libs with NOLINT=1 before rebuilding lint

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