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Diff for /src/UPDATING between version 1.143 and 1.144

version 1.143, 2005/09/14 00:32:26 version 1.144, 2005/10/03 04:45:52
Line 16  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
Line 16  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           arch/*/conf/std.* was changed to include conf/std, which
           contains MI options previously enabled by default.
           If you have kernel config files which doesn't include
           arch/*/conf/std.*, you need to edit them to include conf/std
           to get the previous configuration.
 20050830:  20050830:
         named.conf was moved from /etc/namedb to /etc.          named.conf was moved from /etc/namedb to /etc.
         postinstall(8) migrates this during interactive use.          postinstall(8) migrates this during interactive use.

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