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Line 16  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
Line 16  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           pkg_install now depends on the pkgdb cache for automatic conflict
           detection.  It is recommented to rebuild the cache with
           ``pkg_admin rebuild''.
           audit-packages.conf(5) has been superseded by pkg_install.conf(5).
           The default configuration is the same.  Support for pkg_view(1) has
           been retired.  The functionality of audit-packages(1) and
           download-vulnerability-list(1) has moved into pkg_admin(1), wrapper
           scripts that handle the common use cases are provided.
           The configure script used in the src/tools/gcc compiler has been
           changed to indicate that our libc has ssp support built-in and
           does not depend on -lssp and -lssp-nonshared. You'll need to
           make clean in src/tools/gcc first to rebuild the compiler.
           The sysctl variables net.inet{,6}.tcp{,6}.newreno are no longer
           available. Use net.inet{,6}.tcp{,6}.congctl.selected instead.
           The vt, vidcconsole, kbd, and rpckbd drivers on acorn32 have been
           withdrawn.  Use vidcvideo and pckbd instead.  See the GENERIC
           kernel configuration for an example.  X servers from the last
           few years should cope.
           MPACPI is no more. We always configure PCI interrupts using ACPI
           if we have an ACPI kernel. The option MPACPI_SCANPCI has been renamed
           to ACPI_SCANPCI. Thanks to work from fvdl.
           socket(2) has changed, and its system call has been versioned.
           For userlands with the old version of socket(2), make sure that
           your kernel has 'options COMPAT_30' set, or else 'bad system call'
           errors will result.
           The kernel linker scripts for i386 and xen
           (sys/arch/i386/conf/kern.ldscript*) were changed to set the
           load address correctly, for the benefit of MULTIBOOT boot loaders
           (like Grub). If you use a linker (ld) older than from 2006/04/17, it
           will be unable to link the kernel because of a bug and ld will fail
           with an error like:
               ../../../../arch/i386/conf/kern.ldscript:45 \
                   non constant expression for load base
           You need to update at least src/gnu/dist/binutils/ld and recompile
           and install the linker. If using the build.sh script, the easiest
           way is with a "build.sh tools" command, with any other options
           that you use normally. When using build.sh, the linker binary is
           installed as ${TOOLDIR}/bin/i386--netbsdelf-ld.
           the protocol between the sparc64 bootloader (ofwboot) and
           the kernel was changed. Before installing a new kernel,
           you need to update ofwboot. After a full build, just copy
           /usr/mdec/ofwboot to /, or do a rebuild of
           src/sys/arch/sparc/stand/ofwboot and install the result to /.
           arch/*/conf/std.* was changed to include conf/std, which
           contains MI options previously enabled by default.
           If you have kernel config files which doesn't include
           arch/*/conf/std.*, you need to edit them to include conf/std
           to get the previous configuration.
           named.conf was moved from /etc/namedb to /etc.
           postinstall(8) migrates this during interactive use.
           Users of MKUPDATE=yes will need to manually rectify
           this in their DESTDIR.
           Some data structures in sys/device.h, related to interface
           attributes and locator names, were changed. config(1) was
           modified to emit the new data structures.
           Thus usr.bin/config must be updated (and run on the kernel
           configuration file) before a new kernel can be built.
           genassym.sh(8) was moved to genassym(1). You need to either build
           tools first or install the version of genassym from /usr/bin before
           you can build a kernel again.
           Because a kernfs bug which xentools relies on was fixed,
           xentools up to xentools20-2.0.3nb4 won't work with new kernel.
 20050417:  20050417:
         postinstall(8) was moved from /etc to /usr/sbin and made part          postinstall(8) was moved from /etc to /usr/sbin and made part
         of the "base" set, to make it easier to invoke after an          of the "base" set, to make it easier to invoke after an
         upgrade.          upgrade.
           pcppi(4) was separated in two devices, adding attimer(4).  Be sure
           to add a config line for an attimer(4) device in your kernel
           configuration, or you won't be able to set the pitch of the beep
           with wsconsctl.  Depending on the default value for the pitch, you
           might even not hear any more beep.  Also, it is advised to attach both
           devices the same way (i.e., both on isa or both on acpi) or the
           pcppi(4) device may fail to find the attimer(4) one.
 20050211:  20050211:
         Fixes to tools/Makefile.gnuhost may cause UPDATE=1 builds in          Fixes to tools/Makefile.gnuhost may cause UPDATE=1 builds in
         some of the cross tools to fail if they use configure. Some configure's          some of the cross tools to fail if they use configure. Some configure's
Line 775  cd $NETBSDSRCDIR && make cleandir
Line 873  cd $NETBSDSRCDIR && make cleandir
 Critical utilities:  Critical utilities:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
         usr.bin/compile_et          usr.bin/compile_et
         usr.bin/make          usr.bin/make
         usr.bin/yacc          usr.bin/yacc
         usr.bin/lex          usr.bin/lex
         usr.bin/xlint          usr.bin/xlint
         usr.sbin/config          usr.bin/config
 Other problems and possible solutions:  Other problems and possible solutions:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 Symptom:Unreasonable compiler errors.  
 Fix:    Rebuild gnu/usr.bin/egcs  
 Symptom:Complaints involving a Makefile.  Symptom:Complaints involving a Makefile.
 Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/make:  Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/make:
         cd usr.bin/make && make && make install          cd usr.bin/make && make && make install
Line 798  Fix: Make sure .mk files are up to date.
Line 892  Fix: Make sure .mk files are up to date.
         cd share/mk && make install          cd share/mk && make install
 Symptom:Kernel `config' fails to configure any kernel, including GENERIC.  Symptom:Kernel `config' fails to configure any kernel, including GENERIC.
 Fix:    Rebuild usr.sbin/config  Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/config
 Symptom:  Symptom:
 Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/yacc  Fix:    Rebuild usr.bin/yacc
Line 824  Fix: Build and install usr.bin/mklocale
Line 918  Fix: Build and install usr.bin/mklocale
 Symptom:undefined reference to `__assert13' or `__unsetenv13'  Symptom:undefined reference to `__assert13' or `__unsetenv13'
 Fix:    Rebuild and install lib/libc  Fix:    Rebuild and install lib/libc
 Symptom:usr.sbin/config fails to build.  Symptom:usr.bin/config fails to build.
 Fix:    Try building with -DMAKE_BOOTSTRAP added to CFLAGS in Makefile.  Fix:    Try building with -DMAKE_BOOTSTRAP added to CFLAGS in Makefile.
 Symptom:undefined reference to `getprogname' or `setprogname'  Symptom:undefined reference to `getprogname' or `setprogname'

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