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version, 2005/04/20 11:40:16 version 1.137, 2005/04/11 15:36:46
Line 15  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
Line 15  See also: BUILDING, build.sh, Makefile.
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 20050417:          pcppi(4) was separated in two devices, adding attimer(4).  Be sure
         postinstall(8) was moved from /etc to /usr/sbin and made part          to add a config line for an attimer(4) device in your kernel
         of the "base" set, to make it easier to invoke after an          configuration, or you won't be able to set the pitch of the beep
         upgrade.          with wsconsctl.  Depending on the default value for the pitch, you
           might even not hear any more beep.  Also, it is advised to attach both
           devices the same way (i.e., both on isa or both on acpi) or the
           pcppi(4) device may fail to find the attimer(4) one.
 20050211:  20050211:
         Fixes to tools/Makefile.gnuhost may cause UPDATE=1 builds in          Fixes to tools/Makefile.gnuhost may cause UPDATE=1 builds in

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