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Diff for /src/UPDATING between version 1.112 and 1.121

version 1.112, 2004/03/16 14:33:03 version 1.121, 2004/05/16 11:33:44
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           The end-user modifiable X11 configuration has been moved
           from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/<dir> to /etc/X11/<dir>.
           Ensure that src and xsrc is up to date, and run
           "make cleandir" in src/x11 before your next build.
           Support for the original dynamic sysctl node structure has
           been removed in favor of the newer layout.  This affects
           consumers of the create and delete interface, as well as
           the dynamic discovery mechanism.  This is believed only to
           be the sysctl(8) binary itself, at this point in time, so
           the only effect of this should be that a sysctl binary
           built from sources dated between 2003/12/04 and 2004/03/24
           will not work on a kernel built from sources dated after
           2004/04/25.  If you need a new sysctl binary but build.sh
           does not work, make sure that your revision of
           src/sys/sys/sysctl.h is 1.112 (or later), and then the
           do the following:
           cd /usr/src (or wherever your source tree is)
           make USETOOLS=no includes
           cd lib/libc
           make USETOOLS=no dependall install
           cd ../../sbin/sysctl
           make USETOOLS=no dependall install
           The ffs superblock issues listed below under 20040109 and 20030402
           are now automatically addressed by the /etc/rc.d/fixsb script or by
           sysinst when it checks a a filesystem. The manual fsck_ffs -b16 -c4
           invocation mentioned below will continue to work and is now
           automated by those scripts.  Note that under certain circumstances,
           affected filesystems upgraded to a -current kernel first before
           upgrading their userland with the fixsb and fsck_ffs fixes may
           encounter a 'freeing free inode' panic when writing to the affected
           filesystem, so it is a good idea to repair the filesystem as soon as
           possible.  For more details on the fixsb script, see pr install/25138.
           statfs(2) and friends have been replaced with statvfs(2). Before
           installing a newly build userland make sure that you are running
           a newly built kernel with COMPAT_20 set. In addition your libc
           build might not work (undefined SYS_statfs symbol) because make
           clean does not know how to remove files it does not know about
           anymore. Manually remove all generated .S sources and objects
           from the libc build directory.
           The method by which athhal-elf.o gets pulled into i386 kernel builds
           has been changed. The file is now stored as a uuencoded file in CVS
           and the generated Makefile will use the new .uue rules from bsd.file.mk
           to build it.
           This means you must have the latest bsd.files.mk installed when
           building a kernel without USETOOLS=yes.
           A bug in the cgd(4) blowfish code was corrected, without
           provision of backwards compatibility, after several public
           notices over several months. Users of cgd with blowfish cipher
           ONLY must dump their data before updating their kernels, and
           recreate cgd's and restore data using the new kernel. See
           (recent message to current-users, URL when mail-index has updated)
 20040313:  20040313:
         On acorn32, the opms and qms drivers have been withdrawn, and          On acorn32, the opms and qms drivers have been withdrawn, and
         the old wsqms driver is now called qms.  Kernel config files          the old wsqms driver is now called qms.  Kernel config files

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