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version 1.114, 2004/03/26 17:48:13 version, 2004/08/03 22:32:12
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
Line 8  For a more detailed description see Make
 Recent changes:  Recent changes:
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           The rc.d/sendmail script now uses a heuristic to determine
           if sendmail should be started at boot time.  It checks the
           contents of /etc/mailer.conf, /etc/mail/submit.cf, and the
           owner and mode of the sendmail binary to see if any changes
           to the mail infrastructure have been made.  If no changes
           are detected, it will start an SMTP listener.
           Setting sendmail=NO in /etc/rc.conf will override this.
           If you are only using sendmail by default and only for
           local delivery, it is important that you also update your
           sendmail.cf so that the SMTP listener only listens on the
           loopback interface.
           The method by which athhal-elf.o gets pulled into i386
           kernel builds has been changed again.  The latest version
           of bsd.files.mk is no longer required.
           Support for the original dynamic sysctl node structure has
           been removed in favor of the newer layout.  This affects
           consumers of the create and delete interface, as well as
           the dynamic discovery mechanism.  This is believed only to
           be the sysctl(8) binary itself, at this point in time, so
           the only effect of this should be that a sysctl binary
           built from sources dated between 2003/12/04 and 2004/03/24
           will not work on a kernel built from sources dated after
           2004/04/25.  If you need a new sysctl binary but build.sh
           does not work, make sure that your revision of
           src/sys/sys/sysctl.h is 1.112 (or later), and then the
           do the following:
           cd /usr/src (or wherever your source tree is)
           make USETOOLS=no includes
           cd lib/libc
           make USETOOLS=no dependall install
           cd ../../sbin/sysctl
           make USETOOLS=no dependall install
           If you are using older sysctl binary, GNU autoconf would fail to
           identify your machine architecture, and tries to build binary for
           "unknown-unknown-netbsd20F" or something like that.  if that happens,
           make sure to follow the above steps.
 20040326:  20040326:
         The method by which athhal-elf.o gets pulled into i386 kernel builds          The method by which athhal-elf.o gets pulled into i386 kernel builds

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