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Revision 1.198, Mon Jan 6 17:40:18 2003 UTC (16 years, 9 months ago) by lukem
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.197: +1 -15 lines

Rework how KERNOBJDIR functions; now it's always determined with
This is far simpler than the previous system, and more robust with
objdirs built via BSDOBJDIR.

The previous method of finding KERNOBJDIR when using BSDOBJDIR by
referencing _SRC_TOP_OBJ_ from another directory was extremely
fragile due to the depth first tree walk by <bsd.subdir.mk>, and
the caching of _SRC_TOP_OBJ_ (with MAKEOVERRIDES) which would be
empty on the *first* pass to create fresh objdirs.

This change requires adding sys/arch/*/compile/Makefile to create
the objdir in that directory, and descending into arch/*/compile
from arch/*/Makefile.  Remove the now-unnecessary .keep_me files
whilst here.

Per lengthy discussion with Andrew Brown.

#	$NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.198 2003/01/06 17:40:18 lukem Exp $

# This is the top-level makefile for building NetBSD. For an outline of
# how to build a snapshot or release, as well as other release engineering
# information, see http://www.netbsd.org/developers/releng/index.html
# Not everything you can set or do is documented in this makefile. In
# particular, you should review the files in /usr/share/mk (especially
# bsd.README) for general information on building programs and writing
# Makefiles within this structure, and see the comments in src/etc/Makefile
# for further information on installation and release set options.
# Variables listed below can be set on the make command line (highest
# priority), in /etc/mk.conf (middle priority), or in the environment
# (lowest priority).
# Variables:
#   DESTDIR is the target directory for installation of the compiled
#	software. It defaults to /. Note that programs are built against
#	libraries installed in DESTDIR.
#   MKMAN, if set to `no', will prevent building of manual pages.
#   MKOBJDIRS, if not set to `no', will build object directories at
#	an appropriate point in a build.
#   MKSHARE, if set to `no', will prevent building and installing
#	anything in /usr/share.
#   UPDATE, if defined, will avoid a `make cleandir' at the start of
#	`make build', as well as having the effects listed in
#	/usr/share/mk/bsd.README.
#   NOCLEANDIR, if defined, will avoid a `make cleandir' at the start
#	of the `make build'.
#   NOINCLUDES will avoid the `make includes' usually done by `make build'.
# Targets:
#   build:
#	Builds a full release of NetBSD in DESTDIR, except for the
#	/etc configuration files.
#	If BUILD_DONE is set, this is an empty target.
#   distribution:
#	Builds a full release of NetBSD in DESTDIR, including the /etc
#	configuration files.
#   buildworld:
#	As per `make distribution', except that it ensures that DESTDIR
#	is not the root directory.
#   installworld:
#	Install the distribution from DESTDIR to INSTALLWORLDDIR (which
#	defaults to the root directory).  Ensures that INSTALLWORLDDIR
#	is the not root directory if cross compiling.
#   release:
#	Does a `make build', and then tars up the DESTDIR files
#	into RELEASEDIR/${MACHINE}, in release(7) format.
#	(See etc/Makefile for more information on this.)
#   regression-tests:
#	Runs the regression tests in "regress" on this host.
# Targets invoked by `make build,' in order:
#   cleandir:        cleans the tree.
#   obj:             creates object directories.
#   do-tools:        builds host toolchain.
#   do-distrib-dirs: creates the distribution directories.
#   includes:        installs include files.
#   do-lib-csu:      builds and installs prerequisites from lib/csu.
#   do-lib-libc:     builds and installs prerequisites from lib/libc.
#   do-lib:          builds and installs prerequisites from lib.
#   do-gnu-lib:      builds and installs prerequisites from gnu/lib.
#   do-ld.so:        builds and installs prerequisites from libexec/ld.*_so.
#   do-build:        builds and installs the entire system.

.if ${.MAKEFLAGS:M${.CURDIR}/share/mk} == ""
.MAKEFLAGS: -m ${.CURDIR}/share/mk

# If _SRC_TOP_OBJ_ gets set here, we will end up with a directory that may
# not be the top level objdir, because "make obj" can happen in the *middle*
# of "make build" (long after <bsd.own.mk> is calculated it).  So, pre-set
# _SRC_TOP_OBJ_ here so it will not be added to ${.MAKEOVERRIDES}.

.include <bsd.own.mk>

# Sanity check: make sure that "make build" is not invoked simultaneously
# with a standard recursive target.

.if make(build) || make(release) || make(snapshot)
.for targ in ${TARGETS:Nobj:Ncleandir}
.if make(${targ}) && !target(.BEGIN)
	@echo 'BUILD ABORTED: "make build" and "make ${targ}" are mutually exclusive.'

_SUBDIR=	tools lib include gnu bin games libexec sbin usr.bin
_SUBDIR+=	usr.sbin share rescue sys etc distrib regress

# Weed out directories that don't exist.

.for dir in ${_SUBDIR}
.if exists(${dir}/Makefile) && (${BUILD_${dir}:Uyes} != "no")
SUBDIR+=	${dir}

.if exists(regress)
	@echo Running regression tests...
	@(cd ${.CURDIR}/regress && ${MAKE} regress)

.if defined(UNPRIVED)

.if ${MKMAN} != "no"
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/share/man && ${MAKE} makedb)
.if defined(UNPRIVED) && (${MKINFO} != "no")
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/gnu/usr.bin/texinfo/install-info && ${MAKE} infodir-meta)
.if !defined(NOPOSTINSTALL)
	(cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} postinstall-check)

	@echo "   === Post installation checks ==="
	sh ${.CURDIR}/etc/postinstall -s ${.CURDIR} -d ${DESTDIR}/ check
	@echo "   ================================"

postinstall-fix: .NOTMAIN
	@echo "   === Post installation fixes ==="
	sh ${.CURDIR}/etc/postinstall -s ${.CURDIR} -d ${DESTDIR}/ fix
	@echo "   ================================"

# Targets (in order!) called by "make build".

BUILDTARGETS+=	check-tools
.if !defined(UPDATE) && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)
.if ${MKOBJDIRS} != "no"
.if ${USETOOLS} == "yes"
.if !defined(NODISTRIBDIRS)
BUILDTARGETS+=	do-distrib-dirs
.if !defined(NOINCLUDES)
BUILDTARGETS+=	do-lib-csu do-lib-libc do-lib do-gnu-lib do-ld.so do-build

# Enforce proper ordering of some rules.

includes-lib:	includes-include includes-sys
includes-gnu:	includes-lib

# Build the system and install into DESTDIR.


.if defined(BUILD_DONE)
	@echo "Build already installed into ${DESTDIR}"
	@echo "Build started at: ${START_TIME}"
.for tgt in ${BUILDTARGETS}
	@(cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} ${tgt})
	@echo   "Build started at:  ${START_TIME}"
	@printf "Build finished at: " && date

# Build a full distribution, but not a release (i.e. no sets into
# ${RELEASEDIR}).  "buildworld" enforces a build to ${DESTDIR} != /

distribution buildworld:
.if make(buildworld) && \
    (!defined(DESTDIR) || ${DESTDIR} == "" || ${DESTDIR} == "/")
	@echo "Won't make ${.TARGET} with DESTDIR=/"
	(cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} NOPOSTINSTALL=1 build)
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} INSTALL_DONE=1 distribution)
.if defined(DESTDIR) && ${DESTDIR} != "" && ${DESTDIR} != "/"
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/distrib/sets && ${MAKE} checkflist)
	@echo   "make ${.TARGET} started at:  ${START_TIME}"
	@printf "make ${.TARGET} finished at: " && date

# Install the distribution from $DESTDIR to $INSTALLWORLDDIR (defaults to `/')
# If installing to /, ensures that the host's operating system is NetBSD and
# the host's `uname -m` == ${MACHINE}.

HOST_UNAME_S!=	uname -s
HOST_UNAME_M!=	uname -m

.if (!defined(DESTDIR) || ${DESTDIR} == "" || ${DESTDIR} == "/")
	@echo "Can't make ${.TARGET} to DESTDIR=/"
.if !defined(INSTALLWORLDDIR) || \
.if (${HOST_UNAME_S} != "NetBSD")
	@echo "Won't cross-make ${.TARGET} from ${HOST_UNAME_S} to NetBSD with INSTALLWORLDDIR=/"
.if (${HOST_UNAME_M} != ${MACHINE})
	@echo "Won't cross-make ${.TARGET} from ${HOST_UNAME_M} to ${MACHINE} with INSTALLWORLDDIR=/"
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/distrib/sets && \
	(cd ${.CURDIR} && \
	    ${MAKE} DESTDIR=${INSTALLWORLDDIR} postinstall-check)
	@echo   "make ${.TARGET} started at:  ${START_TIME}"
	@printf "make ${.TARGET} finished at: " && date

# Build a release or snapshot (implies "make build").  Note that
# in this case, the set lists will be checked before the tar files
# are made.

release snapshot:
	(cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} NOPOSTINSTALL=1 build)
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} INSTALL_DONE=1 release)
	@echo   "make ${.TARGET} started at:  ${START_TIME}"
	@printf "make ${.TARGET} finished at: " && date

# Special components of the "make build" process.

	@echo '*** WARNING:  Building on MACHINE=${MACHINE} with missing toolchain.'
	@echo '*** May result in a failed build or corrupt binaries!'
	@echo '*** Using external toolchain rooted at ${EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN}.'
.if defined(NBUILDJOBS)
	@echo '*** WARNING: NBUILDJOBS is obsolete; use -j directly instead!'

.if !defined(DESTDIR) || ${DESTDIR} == ""
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} DESTDIR=/ distrib-dirs)
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} distrib-dirs)

.for targ in cleandir obj includes
do-${targ}: ${targ}

.for dir in tools lib/csu lib/libc lib gnu/lib
.for targ in dependall install
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/${dir} && ${MAKE} ${targ})

.for targ in dependall install
.if (${OBJECT_FMT} == "a.out")
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/libexec/ld.aout_so && ${MAKE} ${targ})
.if (${OBJECT_FMT} == "ELF")
	(cd ${.CURDIR}/libexec/ld.elf_so && ${MAKE} ${targ})

.for targ in dependall install
	(cd ${.CURDIR} && ${MAKE} ${targ} BUILD_tools=no BUILD_lib=no)

# Speedup stubs for some subtrees that don't need to run these rules.
# (Tells <bsd.subdir.mk> not to recurse for them.)

.for dir in bin etc distrib games libexec regress sbin usr.sbin tools
.for dir in etc distrib regress

# XXX this needs to change when distrib Makefiles are recursion compliant
# XXX many distrib subdirs need "cd etc && make snap_pre snap_kern" first...
dependall-distrib depend-distrib all-distrib:

.include <bsd.obj.mk>
.include <bsd.subdir.mk>

build-docs: ${.CURDIR}/BUILDING
	groff -mdoc -Tascii -P-b -P-u -P-o $> >$@