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Revision 1.140, Sun Oct 21 08:03:01 2001 UTC (17 years, 11 months ago) by jmc
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.139: +11 -2 lines

Remove distrib and etc from _SUBDIR. These should never get added to the
subdir list as anything building into them will access them directly (ala
the make release rule or the mtree rule). There were good reasons for
controlling this at the top level before and those should remain in place.

On cleandir and obj builds these should get run through but that's it for
the "normal" rule sets. (This was breaking the builds as make includes doesn't
function inside of distrib for instance).

#	$NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.140 2001/10/21 08:03:01 jmc Exp $

# This is the top-level makefile for building NetBSD. For an outline of
# how to build a snapshot or release, as well as other release engineering
# information, see http://www.netbsd.org/developers/releng/index.html
# Not everything you can set or do is documented in this makefile. In
# particular, you should review the files in /usr/share/mk (especially
# bsd.README) for general information on building programs and writing
# Makefiles within this structure, and see the comments in src/etc/Makefile
# for further information on installation and release set options.
# Variables listed below can be set on the make command line (highest
# priority), in /etc/mk.conf (middle priority), or in the environment
# (lowest priority).
# Variables:
#   DESTDIR is the target directory for installation of the compiled
#	software. It defaults to /. Note that programs are built against
#	libraries installed in DESTDIR.
#   MKMAN, if set to `no', will prevent building of manual pages.
#   MKOBJDIRS, if not set to `no', will build object directories at 
#	an appropriate point in a build.
#   MKSHARE, if set to `no', will prevent building and installing
#	anything in /usr/share.
#   NBUILDJOBS is the number of jobs to start in parallel during a
#	`make build'. It defaults to 1.
#   UPDATE, if defined, will avoid a `make cleandir' at the start of
#     `make build', as well as having the effects listed in
#     /usr/share/mk/bsd.README.
#   NOCLEANDIR, if defined, will avoid a `make cleandir' at the start
#     of the `make build'.
#   NOINCLUDES will avoid the `make includes' usually done by `make build'.
# Targets:
#   build:
#	Builds a full release of NetBSD in DESTDIR.  If BUILD_DONE is
#	set, this is an empty target.
#   release:
#	Does a `make build,' and then tars up the DESTDIR files
#	into RELEASEDIR, in release(7) format. (See etc/Makefile for
#	more information on this.)
#   regression-tests:
#	Runs the regression tests in "regress" on this host.
# Targets invoked by `make build,' in order:
#   obj:             creates object directories.
#   cleandir:        cleans the tree.
#   do-make-tools:   builds host toolchain.
#   do-distrib-dirs: creates the distribution directories.
#   includes:        installs include files.
#   do-build:        builds and installs the entire system.

.include "${.CURDIR}/share/mk/bsd.own.mk"

# Sanity check: make sure that "make build" is not invoked simultaneously
# with a standard recursive target.

.if make(build) || make(release) || make(snapshot)
.for targ in ${TARGETS:Nobj:Ncleandir}
.if make(${targ}) && !target(.BEGIN)
	@echo 'BUILD ABORTED: "make build" and "make ${targ}" are mutually exclusive.'

.if defined(NBUILDJOBS)

.if ${USETOOLS} == "yes"
_SUBDIR+=	tools

_SUBDIR+=	lib include gnu bin games libexec sbin usr.bin \
		usr.sbin share sys regress

.if make(cleandir) || make(obj)
_SUBDIR+= distrib
_SUBDIR+= etc

# Weed out directories that don't exist.

.for dir in ${_SUBDIR}
.if exists(${dir}/Makefile)
SUBDIR+=	${dir}

.if exists(regress)
	@echo Running regression tests...
	@cd ${.CURDIR}/regress && ${MAKE} ${_M} regress

.if ${MKMAN} != "no"
afterinstall: whatis.db
	cd ${.CURDIR}/share/man && ${MAKE} ${_M} makedb

# Targets (in order!) called by "make build".

.if ${MKOBJDIRS:Uno} != "no"
.if !defined(UPDATE) && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)
.if ${USETOOLS} == "yes"
BUILDTARGETS+=	do-make-tools
.if !defined(NODISTRIBDIRS)
BUILDTARGETS+=	do-distrib-dirs
.if !defined(NOINCLUDES)

# Enforce proper ordering of some rules.

includes-lib:	includes-include includes-sys
includes-gnu:	includes-lib

# Build the system and install into DESTDIR.

.if defined(BUILD_DONE)
	@echo "Build already installed into ${DESTDIR}"
	@echo -n "Build started at: " && date
	@${MAKE} ${_J} ${_M} ${BUILDTARGETS}
	@echo -n "Build finished at: " && date

# Build a release or snapshot (implies "make build").

release snapshot: build
	cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} ${_M} INSTALL_DONE=1 release

# Special components of the "make build" process.

	cd ${.CURDIR}/tools && ${MAKE} ${_M} build

	cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} ${_M} DESTDIR=${DESTDIR} distrib-dirs

.for dir in lib/csu lib gnu/lib
.for targ in dependall install
	cd ${.CURDIR}/${dir} && \
		${MAKE} ${_M} ${_J} MKSHARE=no MKLINT=no ${targ}
	${MAKE} ${_M} ${_J} dependall
	${MAKE} ${_M} ${_J} install

# Speedup stubs for some subtrees that don't need to run these rules.
# (Tells <bsd.subdir.mk> not to recurse for them.)

includes-bin includes-games includes-libexec includes-regress \
includes-sbin includes-usr.sbin includes-tools \
dependall-tools depend-tools all-tools install-tools install-regress:

.include "${.CURDIR}/share/mk/bsd.subdir.mk"

_M:=	-m ${.CURDIR}/share/mk