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Diff for /src/Makefile between version 1.309 and 1.310

version 1.309, 2014/06/16 09:06:26 version 1.310, 2014/08/18 07:52:40
Line 205  postinstall-fix-obsolete_stand: .NOTMAIN
Line 205  postinstall-fix-obsolete_stand: .NOTMAIN
 #  #
 # Targets (in order!) called by "make build".  # Targets (in order!) called by "make build".
 #  #
 .if defined(HAVE_GCC)  
 BUILD_CC_LIB_BASETARGET= external-gpl3-gcc-lib  
 BUILDTARGETS+=  check-tools  BUILDTARGETS+=  check-tools
 .if ${MKUPDATE} == "no" && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)  .if ${MKUPDATE} == "no" && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)
 BUILDTARGETS+=  cleandir  BUILDTARGETS+=  cleandir

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