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Diff for /src/Makefile between version 1.219 and 1.220

version 1.219, 2003/07/25 00:26:35 version 1.220, 2003/07/25 19:20:47
Line 161  postinstall-fix-obsolete: .NOTMAIN
Line 161  postinstall-fix-obsolete: .NOTMAIN
 #  #
 # Targets (in order!) called by "make build".  # Targets (in order!) called by "make build".
 #  #
   .if ${USE_TOOLS_TOOLCHAIN} == "no"
 BUILDTARGETS+=  check-tools  BUILDTARGETS+=  check-tools
 .if ${MKUPDATE} == "no" && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)  .if ${MKUPDATE} == "no" && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)
Line 180  BUILDTARGETS+= includes
Line 185  BUILDTARGETS+= includes
 .endif  .endif
 BUILDTARGETS+=  do-tools-compat  BUILDTARGETS+=  do-tools-compat
 .if ${MKGCC} != "no"  .if ${MKGCC} != "no"
 BUILDTARGETS+=  do-gnu-lib-libgcc  BUILDTARGETS+=  do-gnu-lib-libgcc${LIBGCC_EXT}
 .endif  .endif
 BUILDTARGETS+=  do-lib-csu do-lib-libc do-lib-libdes do-lib do-gnu-lib \  BUILDTARGETS+=  do-lib-csu do-lib-libc do-lib-libdes do-lib do-gnu-lib \
                 do-ld.so do-build                  do-ld.so do-build
Line 312  do-${targ}: ${targ}
Line 317  do-${targ}: ${targ}
         @true          @true
 .endfor  .endfor
 .for dir in tools tools/compat lib/csu gnu/lib/libgcc lib/libc lib/libdes lib gnu/lib  .for dir in tools tools/compat lib/csu gnu/lib/libgcc${LIBGCC_EXT} lib/libc lib/libdes lib gnu/lib
 do-${dir:S/\//-/g}:  do-${dir:S/\//-/g}:
 .for targ in dependall install  .for targ in dependall install
         (cd ${.CURDIR}/${dir} && ${MAKE} ${targ})          (cd ${.CURDIR}/${dir} && ${MAKE} ${targ})

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