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Diff for /src/Makefile between version 1.149 and 1.150

version 1.149, 2001/11/01 16:30:53 version 1.150, 2001/11/01 16:34:21
Line 178  dependall-distrib depend-distrib all-dis
Line 178  dependall-distrib depend-distrib all-dis
 .include <bsd.subdir.mk>  .include <bsd.subdir.mk>
 # Rules for building the BUILDING.* documentation files.  build-docs: ${.CURDIR}/BUILDING
 build-docs: ${.CURDIR}/BUILDING.txt ${.CURDIR}/BUILDING.html          groff -mdoc -Tascii -P-b -P-u -P-o $> >$@
 .SUFFIXES: .mdoc .html .txt  
 .mdoc.html: ${.CURDIR}/Makefile  
         groff -mdoc2html -Tlatin1 -P-b -P-u -P-o -ww -mtty-char $< >$@  
 # The awk expression changes line endings from LF to CR-LF to make  
 # this readable on many more platforms than just Un*x.  
 .mdoc.txt: ${.CURDIR}/Makefile  
         groff -mdoc -Tascii -P-b -P-u -P-o $< | \  
                 awk 'BEGIN{ORS="\r\n"}{print}' >$@  

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