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Diff for /src/Makefile between version 1.105 and 1.106

version 1.105, 2000/02/01 01:22:05 version 1.106, 2000/02/19 17:49:49
Line 35 
Line 35 
 #       more information on this.)  #       more information on this.)
 #   snapshot: a synonym for release.  #   snapshot: a synonym for release.
 .include <bsd.own.mk>                   # for configuration variables.  SRCTOP=.
   .include <bsd.crypto.mk>                # for configuration variables.
   .if defined(CRYPTOPATH)
   .sinclude "${CRYPTOPATH}/Makefile.frag"
 HAVE_GCC28!=    ${CXX} --version | egrep "^(2\.8|egcs)" ; echo  HAVE_GCC28!=    ${CXX} --version | egrep "^(2\.8|egcs)" ; echo
Line 132  build: beforeinstall
Line 137  build: beforeinstall
 .if ${MKSHARE} != "no"  .if ${MKSHARE} != "no"
         (cd ${.CURDIR}/share/tmac && ${MAKE} && ${MAKE} install)          (cd ${.CURDIR}/share/tmac && ${MAKE} && ${MAKE} install)
 .endif  .endif
   .if target(cryptobuild)
           ${MAKE} ${_J} cryptobuild
         ${MAKE} ${_J} dependall && ${MAKE} _BUILD= install          ${MAKE} ${_J} dependall && ${MAKE} _BUILD= install
 .if defined(DOMESTIC) && !defined(EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM)  .if defined(DOMESTIC) && !defined(EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM)
         (cd ${.CURDIR}/${DOMESTIC} && ${MAKE} ${_J} _SLAVE_BUILD= build)          (cd ${.CURDIR}/${DOMESTIC} && ${MAKE} ${_J} _SLAVE_BUILD= build)

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