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Diff for /src/Makefile between version 1.1 and 1.89

version 1.1, 1993/03/21 09:45:37 version 1.89, 1999/02/18 03:19:44
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Line 1 
 SUBDIR= bin include lib libexec sbin usr.bin usr.sbin  #       $NetBSD$
   .include <bsd.own.mk>                   # for configuration variables.
   # Configurations variables (can be set either in /etc/mk.conf or
   # as environement variable
   # NBUILDJOBS:   the number of jobs to start in parallel in a 'make build'.
   #               defaults to 1
   # MKMAN:        if set to no, don't build and install man pages
   # MKSHARE:      if set to no, don't build or install /usr/share stuffs
   # UPDATE:       if set to 1, don't do a 'make cleandir' before compile
   # DESTDIR:      The target directory for installation (default to '/',
   #               which mean the current system is updated).
   HAVE_GCC28!=    ${CXX} --version | egrep "^(2\.8|egcs)" ; echo
   .if defined(NBUILDJOBS)
   _J= -j${NBUILDJOBS}
   SUBDIR+= lib include bin libexec sbin usr.bin usr.sbin share sys
   .if exists(games)
   SUBDIR+= games
   SUBDIR+= gnu
   # This is needed for libstdc++ and gen-params.
   includes-gnu: includes-include includes-sys
   # Descend into the domestic tree if it exists AND
   #  1) the target is clean, cleandir, or obj, OR
   #  2) the the target is install or includes AND NOT
   #    a) compiling only "exportable" code OR
   #    b) doing it as part of build.
   .if exists(domestic) && \
       (make(clean) || make(cleandir) || make(obj) || \
       ((make(includes) || make(install)) && \
       !(defined(EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM) || defined(_BUILD))))
   SUBDIR+= domestic
   .if exists(regress)
   .ifmake !(install)
   SUBDIR+= regress
           @echo Running regression tests...
           @(cd ${.CURDIR}/regress && ${MAKE} regress)
   .ifmake build
           @echo -n "Build started at: "
   .ifndef DESTDIR
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} DESTDIR=/ distrib-dirs)
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && ${MAKE} distrib-dirs)
   .if ${MKMAN} != "no" && !defined(_BUILD)
           ${MAKE} whatis.db
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/share/man && ${MAKE} makedb)
   # wrt info/dir below:  It's safe to move this over top of /usr/share/info/dir,
   # as the build will automatically remove/replace the non-pkg entries there.
   build: beforeinstall
   .if ${MKSHARE} != "no"
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/share/mk && ${MAKE} install)
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/share/tmac && ${MAKE} && ${MAKE} install)
   .if !defined(UPDATE)
           ${MAKE} cleandir
   .if empty(HAVE_GCC28)
   .if defined(DESTDIR)
           @echo "*** CAPUTE!"
           @echo "    You attempted to compile the world without egcs.  You must"
           @echo "    first install a native egcs compiler."
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/gnu/usr.bin/egcs && \
               ${MAKE} depend && ${MAKE} ${_J} MKMAN=no && \
               ${MAKE} MKMAN=no install && ${MAKE} cleandir)
           ${MAKE} _BUILD= includes
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/lib/csu && \
               ${MAKE} depend && ${MAKE} ${_J} MKMAN=no && \
               ${MAKE} MKMAN=no install)
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/lib && \
               ${MAKE} depend && ${MAKE} ${_J} MKMAN=no && \
               ${MAKE} MKMAN=no install)
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/gnu/lib && \
               ${MAKE} depend && ${MAKE} ${_J} MKMAN=no MKINFO=no && \
               ${MAKE} MKMAN=no MKINFO=no install)
           ${MAKE} depend && ${MAKE} ${_J} && ${MAKE} _BUILD= install
   .if exists(domestic) && !defined(EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM)
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/domestic && ${MAKE} ${_J} _SLAVE_BUILD= build)
           ${MAKE} whatis.db
           @echo -n "Build finished at: "
   release snapshot: build
           (cd ${.CURDIR}/etc && make INSTALL_DONE=1 release)
 .include <bsd.subdir.mk>  .include <bsd.subdir.mk>

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