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Diff for /src/BUILDING between version and 1.81

version, 2008/11/15 22:10:33 version 1.81, 2008/11/15 11:27:50
                  Level of verbosity of status messages.  Supported values:                   Level of verbosity of status messages.  Supported values:
                  0    No descriptive messages are shown.                   0    No descriptive messages or commands executed by make(1)
                         are shown.
                  1    Descriptive messages are shown.                   1    Brief messages are shown describing what is being done,
                         but the actual commands executed by make(1) are not dis-
                    2    Descriptive messages are shown as above (prefixed with a
                         `#'), and ordinary commands performed by make(1) are
                    3    In addition to the above, all commands performed by
                         make(1) are displayed, even if they would ordinarily
                         have been hidden through use of the ``@'' prefix in the
                         relevant makefile.
                  2    Descriptive messages (prefixed with a `#') and command                   4    In addition to the above, commands executed by make(1)
                       output is not suppressed.                        are traced through use of the sh(1) ``-x'' flag.
                  Default: 2                   Default: 2

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