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[DIR] tests/        
[DIR] tools/        
[DIR] usr.bin/        
[DIR] usr.sbin/        
[DIR] x11/        
[TXT]  1.366   6 days  martin   Avoid the dependency on a populated tooldir (or building the tools) when simply ...
[TXT] UPDATING  1.336   2 months  martin   Note dependency of new binutils on new ld.elf_so for unsupported DESTDIR=/ build...
[TXT] BUILDING  1.146   5 months  rillig   fix documentation for MKLINT Since share/mk/ 1.749 from 2013-08-26, M...
[TXT] Makefile  1.335   6 months  lukem   Deprecate extsrc/, EXTSRCSRCDIR, MKEXTSRC Remove support for building extsrc/: ...
[TXT]  1.9   18 months  rillig   README: use https for
[TXT]  1.6   4 years  pgoyette   branches: 1.6.2; Re-add files that were accidentally deleted in my previous com...

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