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Revision 1.1, Thu Aug 11 05:57:06 2011 UTC (8 years, 6 months ago) by dholland
Branch: MAIN
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Add an explanation of what's going on, in case I get hit by a bus.

This package uses per-topic patches, rather than per-file patches.

This means some of the patches patch multiple files, and some files
are patched more than once. The order the patches are applied in
matters, too. If you use mkpatches or regenerate patches naively you
*will* screw things up. Don't.

If you need to rebuild any of the existing patches, until such time as
pkgsrc gets native support for per-topic patches the proper way is to
(1) make extract, (2) touch work/.patch_done, (3) use quilt or
Mercurial's mq extension to push and pop the patches one at a time and
regenerate as necessary. (When done, don't forget to propagate the
updated patches back to the patches directory if necessary before
making clean.)

However, in general you shouldn't need to rebuild the existing
patches; if you have additional changes, in general they should go in
as additional new patches.

The long-term intent is to move these and the large number of
xview-lib and xview-clients patches to distfile patches, or maybe even
to issue a new distfile. However, doing this usefully requires
organization. Per-topic patches aren't critical for xview-config,
because there's only a handful of relatively minor changes; however,
the old way there are 131 patches in xview-lib and 96 in xview-clients
and (particularly in the absence of cvs rename) it's become nearly
impossible to work with them, so sorting and reorganization has to be
done in small steps.

The intent also is for the xview-config patches to be patch-a?-*,
xview-lib patches to be patch-[b-n]?-* or thereabouts, and the
xview-clients patches to be patch-[o-z]?-* or thereabouts, so that the
three sets of patches can be combined later without excessive
difficulty. These three sets should be disjoint: files in config/ are
patched in xview-config, files in clients/ are patched in xview-clients,
and the rest are patched in xview-lib. The build is such that there's
no overlap at build time.

Hopefully the above is enough information for someone to pick this up
if I get hit by a bus.

 - dholland 20110811