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Revision 1.8, Thu Feb 21 09:32:34 2019 UTC (16 months, 3 weeks ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2020Q2-base, pkgsrc-2020Q2, pkgsrc-2020Q1-base, pkgsrc-2020Q1, pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4, pkgsrc-2019Q3-base, pkgsrc-2019Q3, pkgsrc-2019Q2-base, pkgsrc-2019Q2, pkgsrc-2019Q1-base, pkgsrc-2019Q1, HEAD
Changes since 1.7: +5 -5 lines

xev: update to 1.2.3.

This release features some small bug fixes and janitorial maintenance.

Alan Coopersmith (7):
      Add -version to usage output
      Collapse usage message into a single string
      Adopt X.Org standard code style
      Replace sprintf calls with snprintf
      Update README for gitlab migration
      Update configure.ac bug URL for gitlab migration
      xev 1.2.3

Eitan Adler (1):
      xev: fix 'mode' in default case (version 2)

Emil Velikov (1):
      autogen.sh: use quoted string variables

Mihail Konev (1):
      autogen: add default patch prefix

Peter Hutterer (1):
      autogen.sh: use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.8 2019/02/21 09:32:34 wiz Exp $

SHA1 (xev-1.2.3.tar.bz2) = 3a294934b9e150abc3cccc4182a40ed9b5ea9871
RMD160 (xev-1.2.3.tar.bz2) = a23e65013b0ba3ed6df4fb1c2a5756c7cbe6fbd4
SHA512 (xev-1.2.3.tar.bz2) = 47cc7ac096e77cfa4e687914d767263cf3e1dca5bffd0f68c7ba0fe751b248c8a16525bd2da4d6efa0ea8d637831c893d41c9687cace4aaa9c0909a45ef1943e
Size (xev-1.2.3.tar.bz2) = 134866 bytes