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Revision 1.7, Tue Jun 2 06:41:01 2020 UTC (2 years ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.6: +2 -2 lines

qt5: updated to 5.15.0

New Features in Qt 5.15

Qt 3D Module

Improved profiling and troubleshooting support.
QSortPolicy: introduced a uniform mode to control whether uniform minification needs to be performed or not.
QMouseDevice: introduced a updateAxesContinuously property.
Isolated the OpenGL renderer as a plugin.

Qt Core Module

Introduced QFile::moveToTrash() to provide a cross-platform API for moving files to the trash/recycling bin on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops. This implements the freedesktop.org specification.
Introduced QFileInfo::isJunction() to detect whether a file system entry is a Windows NTFS junction.
QRunnable instances can now be created from std::function without having to subclass QRunnable.
QThreadPool::start() and tryStart() can now take std::function and thereby also anonymous lambda functions as arguments.
Added static template QDebug::toString() function, which streams the given object into a QDebug instance that operates on a string, and then returns that string. This is useful for cases where you need the textual representation of an object for debugging, but cannot use operator<<, such as when passing a failure message to QVERIFY2().

Qt GUI Module

QColorSpace setters can now operate on invalid color spaces, making it possible to set primaries and transfer function independently.
Implemented multi-threading support for many QImage scaling and conversion methods.

Qt Multimedia Module

Deprecated all plugin APIs.
Deprecated QMediaService and QMediaControl.
Introduced reverse playback for GStreamer.
Introduced rendering to multiple surfaces.
Introduced QVideoWidget::videoSurface(), QGraphicsVideoItem::videoSurface(), and QDeclarativeVideoOutput::videoSurface().
MediaPlayer QML type: Introduced a videoOutput property.
Introduced QVideoFrame::image().
GStreamer camerabin: React to changes in notify::zoom and notify::max-zoom properties.

Qt Network Module

OpenSSL backend: Added support for a new session ticket mechanism introduced by the TLS 1.3 protocol.
Implemented timeouts for downloads and uploads with QNetworkRequest and QNetworkAccessManager.
Increased the minimum supported version of OpenSSL to 1.1.

Qt QML Module

Introduced inline components; multiple QML components can be declared in the same file.
Introduced required properties.
Added a declarative way of registering types to QML.
qmllint now has a better understanding of the code and warns about deprecated QML features.
Added the qmlformat tool to automatically format any QML file according to the QML Coding Conventions.
Added support for the Nullish Coalescing Operator.
Added a colorspace property on image nodes, making it possible to read color spaces and transform images into a specific color space.

Qt Quick Module

Added a PathText type which can be used together with Qt Quick Shapes to render text as geometry, without relying on distance fields or pre-rendered textures. This is useful for rendering large font sizes which would otherwise consume a lot of texture memory.
Added a Image.sourceClipRect property to request the image plugin to render a portion of an image source.
Added a cursorShape property to pointer handlers. Most pointer handlers (for example DragHandler) will change the cursor when in active state. HoverHandler will change the cursor when the mouse is hovering over the Item that contains the handler.
Added support for Metal on iOS for the opt-in preview of the Graphics API Independent Rendering Architecture.

Qt Quick Controls Module

Added HorizontalHeaderView and VerticalHeaderView to display header data in a TableView, with support for flicking synchronization and multiple styles: default, fusion, imagine, material, and universal.
Added a selectTextByMouse property to ComboBox.

Qt WebEngine Module

Updated to Chromium 80.
Switched to use a sandboxed network service.
Introduced a new API for reading the subprocess ID of a page or a view.
Introduced a WebEngineHistory.clear() method.


QDoc can now generate DocBook.
QDoc now generates output for C++ class and function template parameters.
QDoc now generates correct output for scoped enums (enum classes).

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