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Revision 1.11, Fri Feb 15 19:58:14 2019 UTC (5 weeks ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.10: +5 -5 lines

luit: update to 2.0.20190106.

Provided by Thomas Dickey in private email.


  „ŗupdated configure macros to work around a non-POSIX feature of BSDs.
  add a dummy "check" rule to makefile for Arch packages.
  add COPYING file for Arch packages.
  use consistent wording for copyright notice in source-files.
  update config.guess, config.sub


  build-fixes/updates for cygwin to accommodate configure-macro changes.
  updated configure macros:
      CF_CC_ENV_FLAGS, add check for preprocessor-options in $CFLAGS.
      CF_FUNC_GRANTPT, amend the posix_openpt vs grantpt change to work with
      CF_GNU_SOURCE, fixes a regression for Cygwin. The check for
        _DEFAULT_SOURCE should apply to "recent" Cygwin (since early 2016), and
        except for "NEWLIB" vs "GLIBC" in the test, acts the same if I pretend
        that "newlib" is the GNU C library. Without this, the check falls
        through to the _XOPEN_SOURCE test, which breaks the pseudoterminal
        checks for xterm.
      CF_LD_RPATH_OPT, suppress check if --disable-rpath is given.
      CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, add midnightbsd to special cases with freebsd
  update config.guess, config.sub


  modify configure script to avoid using OpenBSD's nonfunctional POSIX
    pseudoterminal interface.
  add null-pointer checks for all strings printed in trace calls.
  updated configure macros, deprecating use of _GNU_SOURCE symbol for
    DEFAULT_SOURCE, and preferring man2html over groff's html conversion.
  update config.guess, config.sub

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.11 2019/02/15 19:58:14 wiz Exp $

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