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Revision 1.853, Thu Oct 17 12:57:59 2019 UTC (4 weeks, 5 days ago) by micha
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.852: +1 -2 lines

x11/Makefile: -fltk2

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.853 2019/10/17 12:57:59 micha Exp $

COMMENT=	Packages to support the X window system

SUBDIR+=	9term
SUBDIR+=	Xaw-Xpm
SUBDIR+=	Xfixes
SUBDIR+=	Xrender
SUBDIR+=	antiright
SUBDIR+=	appmenu-qt
SUBDIR+=	appres
SUBDIR+=	arandr
SUBDIR+=	asnap
SUBDIR+=	aterm
SUBDIR+=	autocutsel
SUBDIR+=	avant-window-navigator
SUBDIR+=	bbapm
SUBDIR+=	beforelight
SUBDIR+=	bitmap
SUBDIR+=	blt
SUBDIR+=	c++-gtk-utils
SUBDIR+=	caribou
SUBDIR+=	clipit
SUBDIR+=	clisp-gtk2
SUBDIR+=	clisp-mit-clx
SUBDIR+=	clisp-new-clx
SUBDIR+=	compton
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-integration
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-keyboard
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-libdesktop
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-locker
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-notes
SUBDIR+=	deforaos-panel
SUBDIR+=	desklaunch
SUBDIR+=	deskmenu
SUBDIR+=	devilspie
SUBDIR+=	dmenu
SUBDIR+=	docker
SUBDIR+=	driconf
SUBDIR+=	dtx11session
SUBDIR+=	dunst
SUBDIR+=	dxpc
SUBDIR+=	ede
SUBDIR+=	editres
SUBDIR+=	eekboard
SUBDIR+=	efltk
SUBDIR+=	elementary
SUBDIR+=	elementary-icon-theme
SUBDIR+=	enlightenment
SUBDIR+=	eterm
SUBDIR+=	evieext
SUBDIR+=	fast-user-switch-applet
SUBDIR+=	fbdesk
SUBDIR+=	filerunner
SUBDIR+=	fixesproto4
SUBDIR+=	fltk
SUBDIR+=	fltk13
SUBDIR+=	fox
SUBDIR+=	frameworkintegration
SUBDIR+=	fspanel
SUBDIR+=	ftmenu
SUBDIR+=	fvwm-wharf
SUBDIR+=	gcolor2
SUBDIR+=	gdm
SUBDIR+=	ggiterm
SUBDIR+=	gnome-desktop
SUBDIR+=	gnome-desktop-sharp
SUBDIR+=	gnome-desktop3
SUBDIR+=	gnome-mag
SUBDIR+=	gnome-panel
SUBDIR+=	gnome-sharp
SUBDIR+=	gnome-themes
SUBDIR+=	gnome-themes-extras
SUBDIR+=	gnopernicus
SUBDIR+=	gnustep-back
SUBDIR+=	gnustep-gui
SUBDIR+=	gnustep-preferences
SUBDIR+=	grandr_applet
SUBDIR+=	gromit
SUBDIR+=	gselt
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins0.10-x11
SUBDIR+=	gst-plugins1-x11
SUBDIR+=	gtk
SUBDIR+=	gtk+extra
SUBDIR+=	gtk-mac-integration
SUBDIR+=	gtk-sharp
SUBDIR+=	gtk2
SUBDIR+=	gtk2+extra
SUBDIR+=	gtk2-chtheme
SUBDIR+=	gtk2-engines
SUBDIR+=	gtk2-engines-bluecurve
SUBDIR+=	gtk2-engines-murrine
SUBDIR+=	gtk2-theme-switch
SUBDIR+=	gtk3
SUBDIR+=	gtk3-engines-unico
SUBDIR+=	gtkada
SUBDIR+=	gtkdatabox
SUBDIR+=	gtkglarea
SUBDIR+=	gtkglarea2
SUBDIR+=	gtkmm
SUBDIR+=	gtkmm-utils
SUBDIR+=	gtkmm3
SUBDIR+=	gtksourceview
SUBDIR+=	gtksourceview-sharp2
SUBDIR+=	gtksourceview2
SUBDIR+=	gtksourceview3
SUBDIR+=	gtksourceview4
SUBDIR+=	gtksourceviewmm
SUBDIR+=	gtkstep
SUBDIR+=	gtkterm2
SUBDIR+=	gxmessage
SUBDIR+=	hanterm
SUBDIR+=	hot-babe
SUBDIR+=	hs-X11
SUBDIR+=	hs-X11-xft
SUBDIR+=	hsetroot
SUBDIR+=	hyena
SUBDIR+=	i3lock
SUBDIR+=	iceauth
SUBDIR+=	ico
SUBDIR+=	imwheel
SUBDIR+=	kactivities
SUBDIR+=	kactivities-stats
SUBDIR+=	kactivities5
SUBDIR+=	kconfigwidgets
SUBDIR+=	kde-baseapps4
SUBDIR+=	kde-runtime4
SUBDIR+=	kde-workspace4
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ar
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-bg
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-bs
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ca
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-cat
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-cs
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-da
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-de
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-el
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-en_GB
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-es
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-et
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-eu
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-fa
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-fi
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-fr
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ga
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-gl
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-he
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-hi
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-hr
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-hu
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ia
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-is
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-it
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ja
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-kk
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-km
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ko
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-lt
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-lv
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-mr
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-nb
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-nds
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-nl
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-nn
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-pa
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-pl
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-pt
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-pt_BR
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ro
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ru
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-sk
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-sl
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-sr
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-sv
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-tr
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-ug
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-uk
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-wa
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-zh_CN
SUBDIR+=	kde4-l10n-zh_TW
SUBDIR+=	kded
SUBDIR+=	kdelibs4
SUBDIR+=	kdelibs4support
SUBDIR+=	kdesignerplugin
SUBDIR+=	keybinder
SUBDIR+=	keybinder3
SUBDIR+=	keylaunch
SUBDIR+=	kglobalaccel
SUBDIR+=	kguiaddons
SUBDIR+=	kinit
SUBDIR+=	kirigami2
SUBDIR+=	kitemviews
SUBDIR+=	kitty
SUBDIR+=	kjobwidgets
SUBDIR+=	konsole
SUBDIR+=	kterm
SUBDIR+=	ktextwidgets
SUBDIR+=	kwidgetsaddons
SUBDIR+=	kwindowsystem
SUBDIR+=	kxmlgui
SUBDIR+=	labltk
SUBDIR+=	lesstif
SUBDIR+=	libX11
SUBDIR+=	libXScrnSaver
SUBDIR+=	libXau
SUBDIR+=	libXaw
SUBDIR+=	libXaw3d
SUBDIR+=	libXcomposite
SUBDIR+=	libXcursor
SUBDIR+=	libXdamage
SUBDIR+=	libXdmcp
SUBDIR+=	libXevie
SUBDIR+=	libXext
SUBDIR+=	libXfixes
SUBDIR+=	libXfont
SUBDIR+=	libXfont2
SUBDIR+=	libXft
SUBDIR+=	libXi
SUBDIR+=	libXinerama
SUBDIR+=	libXmu
SUBDIR+=	libXpm
SUBDIR+=	libXpresent
SUBDIR+=	libXrandr
SUBDIR+=	libXrender
SUBDIR+=	libXres
SUBDIR+=	libXt
SUBDIR+=	libXtst
SUBDIR+=	libXv
SUBDIR+=	libXxf86dga
SUBDIR+=	libXxf86misc
SUBDIR+=	libXxf86vm
SUBDIR+=	libdesktop-agnostic
SUBDIR+=	libdmx
SUBDIR+=	libdrm
SUBDIR+=	libfakekey
SUBDIR+=	libgnomekbd
SUBDIR+=	libgnomekbd2
SUBDIR+=	libkactivities4
SUBDIR+=	libmatekbd
SUBDIR+=	liboldXrandr
SUBDIR+=	libunique
SUBDIR+=	libunique3
SUBDIR+=	libxcb
SUBDIR+=	libxdg-basedir
SUBDIR+=	libxfce4gui
SUBDIR+=	libxfce4ui
SUBDIR+=	libxfce4util
SUBDIR+=	libxkbcommon
SUBDIR+=	libxkbfile
SUBDIR+=	libxkbui
SUBDIR+=	libxklavier
SUBDIR+=	libxshmfence
SUBDIR+=	listres
SUBDIR+=	lua-keybinder
SUBDIR+=	luit
SUBDIR+=	lxappearance
SUBDIR+=	lxde-common
SUBDIR+=	lxinput
SUBDIR+=	lxlauncher
SUBDIR+=	lxrandr
SUBDIR+=	lxsession
SUBDIR+=	lxterminal
SUBDIR+=	maim
SUBDIR+=	matchbox-common
SUBDIR+=	matchbox-desktop
SUBDIR+=	matchbox-nest
SUBDIR+=	matchbox-panel
SUBDIR+=	matchbox-panel-manager
SUBDIR+=	matchbox-themes-extra
SUBDIR+=	mate-applets
SUBDIR+=	mate-control-center
SUBDIR+=	mate-desktop
SUBDIR+=	mate-indicator-applet
SUBDIR+=	mate-menus
SUBDIR+=	mate-panel
SUBDIR+=	mate-screensaver
SUBDIR+=	mate-session-manager
SUBDIR+=	mate-settings-daemon
SUBDIR+=	mate-terminal
SUBDIR+=	mcookie
SUBDIR+=	mkcomposecache
SUBDIR+=	mlterm
SUBDIR+=	modeline
SUBDIR+=	modular-xorg-server
SUBDIR+=	modular-xorg-xephyr
SUBDIR+=	modular-xorg-xquartz
SUBDIR+=	modular-xorg-xwayland
SUBDIR+=	motif
SUBDIR+=	mowitz
SUBDIR+=	mozo
SUBDIR+=	mrxvt
SUBDIR+=	mxterm
SUBDIR+=	neXtaw
SUBDIR+=	numlockx
SUBDIR+=	ocaml-graphics
SUBDIR+=	ocaml-lablgtk
SUBDIR+=	oneko
SUBDIR+=	p5-Alien-wxWidgets
SUBDIR+=	p5-Clipboard
SUBDIR+=	p5-Gtk2-Ex-FormFactory
SUBDIR+=	p5-Tk
SUBDIR+=	p5-Wx
SUBDIR+=	p5-Wx-Perl-ProcessStream
SUBDIR+=	p5-X11-Protocol
SUBDIR+=	p5-gtk2
SUBDIR+=	paragui
SUBDIR+=	pixman
SUBDIR+=	plasma-framework
SUBDIR+=	py-Pmw
SUBDIR+=	py-Pmw2
SUBDIR+=	py-Tk
SUBDIR+=	py-Xlib
SUBDIR+=	py-gnome2
SUBDIR+=	py-gnome2-desktop
SUBDIR+=	py-gnome2-extras
SUBDIR+=	py-gtk2
SUBDIR+=	py-gtksourceview
SUBDIR+=	py-kde4
SUBDIR+=	py-keybinder
SUBDIR+=	py-kiwi
SUBDIR+=	py-pyperclip
SUBDIR+=	py-qt4
SUBDIR+=	py-qt4-qscintilla
SUBDIR+=	py-qt5
SUBDIR+=	py-qwt-qt4
SUBDIR+=	py-sip
SUBDIR+=	py-sip-qt5
SUBDIR+=	py-terminator
SUBDIR+=	py-terminator-plugins
SUBDIR+=	py-vte
SUBDIR+=	py-wxWidgets
SUBDIR+=	py-xcbgen
SUBDIR+=	qqc2-desktop-style
SUBDIR+=	qt4
SUBDIR+=	qt4-creator
SUBDIR+=	qt4-docs
SUBDIR+=	qt4-libs
SUBDIR+=	qt4-mng
SUBDIR+=	qt4-mysql
SUBDIR+=	qt4-pgsql
SUBDIR+=	qt4-qdbus
SUBDIR+=	qt4-qscintilla
SUBDIR+=	qt4-sqlite3
SUBDIR+=	qt4-tiff
SUBDIR+=	qt4-tools
SUBDIR+=	qt5
SUBDIR+=	qt5-mysql
SUBDIR+=	qt5-odbc
SUBDIR+=	qt5-psql
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtbase
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtcharts
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtconnectivity
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtdeclarative
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtdoc
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtgraphicaleffects
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtimageformats
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtlocation
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtmacextras
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtmultimedia
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtnetworkauth
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtquickcontrols
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtquickcontrols2
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtscript
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtsensors
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtserialport
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtspeech
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtsvg
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qttools
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qttranslations
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtwebchannel
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtwebkit
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtwebsockets
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtx11extras
SUBDIR+=	qt5-qtxmlpatterns
SUBDIR+=	qwt-qt4
SUBDIR+=	qwt6-qt4
SUBDIR+=	qwtplot3d-qt4
SUBDIR+=	ratmen
SUBDIR+=	redshift
SUBDIR+=	rendercheck
SUBDIR+=	renderproto9
SUBDIR+=	rep-gtk2
SUBDIR+=	rgb
SUBDIR+=	rofi
SUBDIR+=	rox-session
SUBDIR+=	rox-wallpaper
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gtk2
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gtk3
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gtksourceview2
SUBDIR+=	ruby-gtksourceview3
SUBDIR+=	ruby-tk
SUBDIR+=	ruby-tk-gem
SUBDIR+=	ruby-vte
SUBDIR+=	ruby-wxruby
SUBDIR+=	rxvt
SUBDIR+=	rxvt-unicode
SUBDIR+=	sakura
SUBDIR+=	sessreg
SUBDIR+=	setxkbmap
SUBDIR+=	slim
SUBDIR+=	slock
SUBDIR+=	slop
SUBDIR+=	space_dapp
SUBDIR+=	speyes
SUBDIR+=	ssystem
SUBDIR+=	st-term
SUBDIR+=	stalonetray
SUBDIR+=	startup-notification
SUBDIR+=	startup-notification010
SUBDIR+=	sxhkd
SUBDIR+=	tabbed
SUBDIR+=	tile
SUBDIR+=	tint2
SUBDIR+=	tk-BWidget
SUBDIR+=	tk-Tix
SUBDIR+=	tk85
SUBDIR+=	tkinfo
SUBDIR+=	tktable
SUBDIR+=	transset
SUBDIR+=	tzosdclock
SUBDIR+=	unclutter
SUBDIR+=	unicode-screensaver
SUBDIR+=	viewres
SUBDIR+=	vte
SUBDIR+=	vte029
SUBDIR+=	vte3
SUBDIR+=	wdm
SUBDIR+=	wmavgload
SUBDIR+=	wmfire
SUBDIR+=	wmfstatus
SUBDIR+=	wmweather
SUBDIR+=	worker
SUBDIR+=	wterm
SUBDIR+=	wxGTK28-contrib
SUBDIR+=	wxWindows-docs
SUBDIR+=	x11perf
SUBDIR+=	x11vnc
SUBDIR+=	x2x
SUBDIR+=	x3270
SUBDIR+=	xaniroc
SUBDIR+=	xauth
SUBDIR+=	xautolock
SUBDIR+=	xbacklight
SUBDIR+=	xbanner
SUBDIR+=	xbindkeys
SUBDIR+=	xbindkeys-tk
SUBDIR+=	xbitmaps
SUBDIR+=	xcalc
SUBDIR+=	xcalib
SUBDIR+=	xcb
SUBDIR+=	xcb-proto
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-cursor
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-errors
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-image
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-keysyms
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-renderutil
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-wm
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util-xrm
SUBDIR+=	xcb-util036
SUBDIR+=	xclip
SUBDIR+=	xclipboard
SUBDIR+=	xcmsdb
SUBDIR+=	xcolors
SUBDIR+=	xcolorsel
SUBDIR+=	xcompmgr
SUBDIR+=	xconsole
SUBDIR+=	xcruise
SUBDIR+=	xcursor
SUBDIR+=	xcursor-capitaine
SUBDIR+=	xcursor-themes
SUBDIR+=	xcursor-vanilla-dmz
SUBDIR+=	xcursorgen
SUBDIR+=	xdaemon
SUBDIR+=	xdaemon2
SUBDIR+=	xdbedizzy
SUBDIR+=	xdesktopwaves
SUBDIR+=	xdg-user-dirs
SUBDIR+=	xdialog
SUBDIR+=	xditview
SUBDIR+=	xdm
SUBDIR+=	xdm3d
SUBDIR+=	xdotool
SUBDIR+=	xdpyinfo
SUBDIR+=	xdriinfo
SUBDIR+=	xearth
SUBDIR+=	xedit
SUBDIR+=	xephem
SUBDIR+=	xev
SUBDIR+=	xeyes
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-acecad
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-elographics
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-fpit
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-hyperpen
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-joystick
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-keyboard
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-mouse
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-mutouch
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-penmount
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-vmmouse
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-void
SUBDIR+=	xf86-input-ws
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-amdgpu
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-apm
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-ark
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-ast
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-ati
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-ati6
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-chips
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-cirrus
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-dummy
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-fbdev
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-glint
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-i128
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-i740
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-intel
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-mach64
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-mga
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-neomagic
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-nouveau
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-nv
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-openchrome
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-qxl
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-r128
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-rendition
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-s3
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-s3virge
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-savage
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-siliconmotion
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-sis
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-suncg14
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-suncg3
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-suncg6
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-sunffb
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-sunleo
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-suntcx
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-tdfx
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-tga
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-trident
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-tseng
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-vboxvideo
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-vesa
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-vmware
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-voodoo
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-wsfb
SUBDIR+=	xf86-video-xgi
SUBDIR+=	xf86dga
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-clipman-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-dashboard
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-desktop
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-exo
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-eyes-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-garcon
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-indicator-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-kbdleds-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-notes-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-notifyd
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-panel
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-places-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-screenshooter
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-session
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-settings
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-terminal
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-tumbler
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfce4-wmdock-plugin
SUBDIR+=	xfd
SUBDIR+=	xfishtank
SUBDIR+=	xflame
SUBDIR+=	xfontsel
SUBDIR+=	xforms
SUBDIR+=	xfsinfo
SUBDIR+=	xfstt
SUBDIR+=	xfwp
SUBDIR+=	xgamma
SUBDIR+=	xgas
SUBDIR+=	xgrk
SUBDIR+=	xhangglider
SUBDIR+=	xhost
SUBDIR+=	xicc
SUBDIR+=	xinit
SUBDIR+=	xinput
SUBDIR+=	xjman
SUBDIR+=	xkbcomp
SUBDIR+=	xkbd
SUBDIR+=	xkbdata
SUBDIR+=	xkbevd
SUBDIR+=	xkbprint
SUBDIR+=	xkbset
SUBDIR+=	xkbutils
SUBDIR+=	xkeyboard-config
SUBDIR+=	xkeycaps
SUBDIR+=	xkill
SUBDIR+=	xless
SUBDIR+=	xload
SUBDIR+=	xlockmore
SUBDIR+=	xlockmore-lite
SUBDIR+=	xlogo
SUBDIR+=	xlogout
SUBDIR+=	xlsatoms
SUBDIR+=	xlsclients
SUBDIR+=	xlsfonts
SUBDIR+=	xlt
SUBDIR+=	xlupe
SUBDIR+=	xmag
SUBDIR+=	xman
SUBDIR+=	xmascot
SUBDIR+=	xmessage
SUBDIR+=	xmh
SUBDIR+=	xmindpath
SUBDIR+=	xmodmap
SUBDIR+=	xmon
SUBDIR+=	xmore
SUBDIR+=	xmountains
SUBDIR+=	xmove
SUBDIR+=	xmx
SUBDIR+=	xneko
SUBDIR+=	xnodecor
SUBDIR+=	xorg-cf-files
SUBDIR+=	xorgproto
SUBDIR+=	xosd
SUBDIR+=	xpad
SUBDIR+=	xpaste
SUBDIR+=	xpenguins
SUBDIR+=	xphoon
SUBDIR+=	xplanet
SUBDIR+=	xpmicons
SUBDIR+=	xpmroot
SUBDIR+=	xpns
SUBDIR+=	xpostit
SUBDIR+=	xpr
SUBDIR+=	xprop
SUBDIR+=	xrandr
SUBDIR+=	xrdb
SUBDIR+=	xrefresh
SUBDIR+=	xrestop
SUBDIR+=	xrootconsole
SUBDIR+=	xrx
SUBDIR+=	xscope
SUBDIR+=	xscreensaver
SUBDIR+=	xscreensaver-demo
SUBDIR+=	xscribble
SUBDIR+=	xscript
SUBDIR+=	xsel
SUBDIR+=	xservers
SUBDIR+=	xset
SUBDIR+=	xsetroot
SUBDIR+=	xsm
SUBDIR+=	xsnow
SUBDIR+=	xstdcmap
SUBDIR+=	xteddy
SUBDIR+=	xteddy2
SUBDIR+=	xterm
SUBDIR+=	xtermcontrol
SUBDIR+=	xtermset
SUBDIR+=	xtoolwait
SUBDIR+=	xtrace
SUBDIR+=	xtrans
SUBDIR+=	xtruss
SUBDIR+=	xvattr
SUBDIR+=	xvidcap
SUBDIR+=	xvidcap-gtk2
SUBDIR+=	xvidtune
SUBDIR+=	xview
SUBDIR+=	xview-clients
SUBDIR+=	xview-config
SUBDIR+=	xview-lib
SUBDIR+=	xvinfo
SUBDIR+=	xvkbd
SUBDIR+=	xwatchwin
SUBDIR+=	xwd
SUBDIR+=	xwininfo
SUBDIR+=	xwit
SUBDIR+=	xworld
SUBDIR+=	xwrits
SUBDIR+=	xwud
SUBDIR+=	xxkb
SUBDIR+=	zenity

.include "../mk/misc/category.mk"