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version, 2013/10/28 23:37:33 version, 2013/12/09 17:25:09
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 $NetBSD$  $NetBSD$
 SHA1 (actionpack-3.2.15.gem) = 34cc3d5cbcee97a4e57ee9d909f51f0f387991bb  SHA1 (actionpack-3.2.16.gem) = 6b28544b8671834814d27195c53be0bf4c91b72f
 RMD160 (actionpack-3.2.15.gem) = aaa98467ab82ebcf5ba2ffd3db959262f6e9f425  RMD160 (actionpack-3.2.16.gem) = fb323917e044915c2ecd6a1b273ebcee891a2f37
 Size (actionpack-3.2.15.gem) = 290304 bytes  Size (actionpack-3.2.16.gem) = 290816 bytes

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