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Revision 1.3, Tue Dec 12 09:53:24 2017 UTC (5 years, 1 month ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +4 -1 lines

py-flaks-sqlalchemy: updated to 2.3.2

Version 2.3.2
- Don't mask the parent table for single-table inheritance models.

Version 2.3.1
- If a model has a table name that matches an existing table in the metadata,
  use that table. Fixes a regression where reflected tables were not picked up
  by models.
- Raise the correct error when a model has a table name but no primary key.
- Fix repr on models that don't have an identity because they have not been
  flushed yet.
- Allow specifying a max_per_page limit for pagination, to avoid users
  specifying high values in the request args.
- For paginate with error_out=False, the minimum value for page is
  1 and per_page is 0.

Version 2.3.0
- Multiple bugs with __tablename__ generation are fixed. Names will be
  generated for models that define a primary key, but not for single-table
  inheritance subclasses. Names will not override a declared_attr.
  PrimaryKeyConstraint is detected.
- Passing an existing declarative_base() as model_class to
  SQLAlchemy.__init__ will use this as the base class instead of creating
  one. This allows customizing the metaclass used to construct the base.
- The undocumented DeclarativeMeta internals that the extension uses for
  binds and table name generation have been refactored to work as mixins.
  Documentation is added about how to create a custom metaclass that does not
  do table name generation.
- Model and metaclass code has been moved to a new models module.
  _BoundDeclarativeMeta is renamed to DefaultMeta; the old name will be
  removed in 3.0.
- Models have a default repr that shows the model name and primary key.
- Fixed a bug where using init_app would cause connectors to always use the
  current_app rather than the app they were created for. This caused issues
  when multiple apps were registered with the extension.

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