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Revision 1.6, Wed Apr 22 06:33:25 2015 UTC (6 years, 7 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.5: +3 -32 lines

Update to 4.15. Read the changelog below!

4.15 2015-04-20

    - This release removes the AUTOLOAD and compile optimisations from CGI.pm
      that were introduced into CGI.pm twenty (20) years ago as a response to
      its large size, which meant there was a significant compile time penalty.

    - This optimisation is no longer relevant and makes the code difficult to
      deal with as well as making test coverage metrics incorrect. Benchmarks
      show that advantages of AUTOLOAD / lazy loading / deferred compile are
      less than 0.05s, which will be dwarfed by just about any meaningful code
      in a cgi script. If this is an issue for you then you should look at
      running CGI.pm in a persistent environment (FCGI, etc)

    - To offset some of the time added by removing the AUTOLOAD functionality
      the dependencies have been made runtime rather than compile time. The
      POD has also been split into its own file. CGI.pm now contains around
      4000 lines of code, which compared to some modules on CPAN isn't really
      that much

    - This essentially deprecates the -compile pragma and ->compile method. The
      -compile pragma will no longer do anything, whereas the ->compile method
      will raise a deprecation warning. More importantly this also REMOVES the
      -any pragma because as per the documentation this pragma needed to be
      "used with care or not at all" and allowing arbitrary HTML tags is almost
      certainly a bad idea. If you are using the -any pragma and using arbitrary
      tags (or have typo's in your code) your code will *BREAK*

    - Although this release should be back compatible (with the exception of any
      code using the -any pragma) you are encouraged to test it throughly as if
      you are doing anything out of the ordinary with CGI.pm (i.e. have bugs
      that may have been masked by the AUTOLOAD feature) you may see some issues.

    - References: GH #162, GH #137, GH #164

    [ SPEC / BUG FIXES ]
    - make the list context warning in param show the filename rather than
      the package so we have more information on exactly where the warning
      has been raised from (GH #171)
    - correct self_url when PATH_INFO and SCRIPT_NAME are the same but we
      are not running under IIS (GH #176)
    - Add the multi_param method to :cgi export (thanks to xblitz for the patch
      and tests. GH #167)
    - Fix warning for lack of HTTP_USER_AGENT in CGI::Carp (GH #168)
    - Fix imports when called from CGI::Fast, restores the import of CGI functions
      into the callers namespace for users of CGI::Fast (GH leejo/cgi-fast#11 and
      GH leejo/cgi-fast#12)

    [ FEATURES ]
    - CGI::Carp now has $CGI::Carp::FULL_PATH for displaying the full path to the
      offending script in error messages
    - CGI now has env_query_string() for getting the value of QUERY_STRING from the
      environment and not that fiddled with by CGI.pm (which is what query_string()
      does) (GH #161)
    - CGI::ENCODE_ENTITIES var added to control which chracters are encoded by the
      call to the HTML::Entities module - defaults to &<>"\x8b\x9b' (GH #157)

    - Fix some typos (GH #173, GH #174)
    - All *documentation* for HTML functionality in CGI has been moved into
      its own namespace: CGI::HTML::Functions - although the functionality
      continues to exist within CGI.pm so there are no code changes required
      (GH #142)
    - Add missing documentation for env variable fetching routines (GH #163)

    [ TESTING ]
    - Increase test coverage (GH #3)

    - Cwd made a TEST_REQUIRES rather than a BUILD_REQUIRES in Makefile.PL
      (GH #170)
    - AutoloadClass variables have been removed as AUTOLOAD was removed in
      v4.14 so these are no longer necessary (GH #172 thanks to alexmv)
    - Remove dependency on constant - internal DEBUG, XHTML_DTD and EBCDIC
      constants changes to $_DEBUG, $_XHTML_DTD, and $_EBCDIC

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