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Revision 1.76, Tue Dec 2 10:07:23 2014 UTC (5 years ago) by snj
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2015Q1-base, pkgsrc-2015Q1, pkgsrc-2014Q4-base, pkgsrc-2014Q4
Changes since 1.75: +13 -37 lines

Update midori to 0.5.9.  Changes:

 Remove dead code from browser and preferences
 Build-fix: Make PanedAction's Child.widget public
 fixes tab history undo
 Set a placeholder text on the URL entry
 Add "Add Bookmark" to menu
 Show search menu upon left icon click in location bar
 Fix crash when saving with associated resources
 Fix webkit2 downloads based on older branch
 don't hide window decorations for Midori-Granite
 Connect bookmarks-db singleton correctly to fix menus
 Fix some symbol names and transfer annotations in doc comments
 Use correct signature for window-state-event handler
 Do not overescape page titles in view completion
 Make adblock skip non-standard last update metadata strings
 Drop deprecated Granite LightWindow used for the Clear Private Data dialog
 Keep storing the last web media tab played.
 Allocate CookiePermissionManagerModalInfobar correctly
 Make middle clicking reload button duplicate the current tab, similar to other browsers
 Use network-changed of GNetworkMonitor to reload all tabs if network becomes available
 Show different messages based on network connectivity.
 Fix crash when activating the edit menu
 Fix "open all in tabs" for bookmarks
 Fix a few simple leaks
 Don't focus the locationaction when leaving blank pages
 Fix leaks of two references to the MidoriApp in Tabby
 Compile with valac 0.16 again
 Never display about:new in the urlbar
 fix crash right-clicking forms on local pages
 Share 'youtube, vimeo, dailymotion' that you are playing in Midori using org.midori.mediaHerald
 Give the SoupURI a path when checking cookie relevance
 Resolve ellipsis and title stripping in completion
 Add www. and .com/.country_domain and proceed with Ctrl+Enter/Shift+Enter with (readable code)
 Clean up browser tab/ uri/ title notify
 Drop pseudo Granite distinction in completion layout
 Fix visibility of SpeedDial, Toolbar, Bookmarkbar context menu items
 Distinguish between desc file missing and other parsing issues
 Use dependencies to clear test folders before execution
 win32: Drop dropbox usage from win release script, rename resulting output files

 Use png icon instead of svg in set_status
 We must not pass a Cancellable to FaviconDatabase.get_favicon_pixbuf
 Retain spelling suggestion menu items from WebKit
 Properly guard usage of gtk3 get_style_context
 Mimic the look of Granite.DynamicNotebook when compiled with --enable-granite.
 Fix X11 lib underlink in midori-core
 Fix bookmarkbar bookmark click not opening links
 Use sanitized app URI as wm_classname/ StartupWMClass
 Make trunk build with WebKit2 again
 Fix for incorrect tstamp for background tabs
 Don't declare sorting doubles are nullable and print values when database tracing is enabled
 Correctly apply saved entry state and treat urlbar as a regular editable item
 Add missing conditional includes for granite flavoured build
 Open URIs dragged on tab label or new tab button
 Small adblock bugfixes
 Work around GTK3's hard-coded minimum stackswitcher button width
 Fix building with mingw packages from fedora 18
 Set page title as basis for print filename
 Rename notes inline
 Use EXTRA_WARNINGS option when building for windows
 Drop forgotten clutter init and obsolete header declarations
 Rework history-step handling and make it work again
 Port Tabby to DatabaseStatement API
 Replace bookmark stracing with generic profiling in Midori.Database
 Port autocompleter test to async job
 Finishing touches for Adblock
 Add filters and defaults
 Implement and use ContextAction.escaped
 printf URI in show_message_dialog for download error
 Improve docs and GIR annotations for KatzeItem, KatzeArray, and MidoriWebSettings
 Drop redundant TabNew from compact menu and put button in Tab Panel
 Fix loading file:// pages
 Implement Send Page Link by Email
 Use GtkStackSwitcher with GTK+ >= 3.10
 Implements context popup menu on menu entries of bookmark bar and bookmark menu.
 Fix building with newer mingw versions
 Display locationbar suggestions in the correct order
 Don't bother adblocking internal pages and favicons
 Don't use trailing comma on last list element in Adblock tests
 Rewrite Adblock more modularly, add Whitelist support
 Add support of DragonFlyBSD
 Change tooltips of Reload and ReloadStop actions while shift modifier is pressed
 Implement Midori.Database.attach method
 Allow :memory: as folder to make schema detection work
 More robust app/ profile creation
 Add helper callbacks to modify bookmark's tree store with unneded access to bookmarks db
 Implement more flexible fallback behavior for Cookie Permissions

 Modify actions and internal items in browser without changing settings
 Delay tab loading after Midori crashed
 Uncomment failing assertions about view_source in tab test
 Fallback to about:home if startup is anything but blank
 Don't try to create formhistory database if config_dir is NULL
 Handle url arguments for blank sessions
 Execute commands given at start time
 Introduce high-level prepare/ DatabaseStatement API
 Drop unused GraniteClutter-based animation support
 Drop uncommented contractor support
 Drop deprecated StaticNotebook used in KatzePreferences
 Introduce notebook class converging separate implementations
 Work around symbol relocation issue old version of gcc present on Ubuntu LTS
 NULL-check treeview in midori_search_action_get_editor
 Adjust CMakeList .ico check to not skip nojs icons
 Enable sidepanel in private mode
 Move Preferences menu entry above About
 Set minimum value of 0 on spin button for maximum cache size
 Give NextForward its own label for toolbar editor
 Correctly disable favicon database in app and private mode
 Change preferences to refer to proxy address as a "URI" (not "hostname")
 Add close tabs to right feature
 Allow printing without confirmation dialog on kiosk setups

 instead of creating devpet status icon on extension load, create it only to show new messages
 Open speed dial or homepage according to preference
 handle tab duplication
 Add copyright note to appdata file
 Tweak searching for resources when running from build folder
 Swap NULL-check with main frame check
 Use correct signal when clearing the trash
 Hide WEbGL preference if it is unavailable
 Remove stored popup sessions from the database
 Check all browsers for opened sessions and whether they're popups
 removed unused preference dialog and related code
 Fix check for found valac and mention VALAC variable
 Fix autoscrolling if page contains a frame with our custom error page
 Don't use context-menu signal in WebKitGTK+ < 1.10.0
 Fix building on Ubuntu 12.04
 Reset item ids when re-importing bookmarks
 Check path being NULL in export before trying to inspect it
 restore the last closed sessions if no session is opened
 Cast WebKitDOMHtmlElement for getting source content
 Use font-set signal and font family for GTK+ 3.2 font chooser
 add function to view dom source
 remove unused variable
 Resolve compiler warnings in current trunk
 Update win32-release script for cmake, move unused docs/scripts to old folder
 Try to handle previous runs of cmake in configure wrapper
 Correct view source assertions in tab unit test
 Build fix: found undeclared in midori_bookmarks_db_remove_item_recursive
 Cache bookmark items to avoid their recreation on database reads
 allow "view source" on about pages
 Enable old target policy on cmake < 2.8.8
 Re-arrange data file installing to be more explicit
 option to modify the number of tabs which will be restored in each idle callback
 Implement MidoriBookmarksDatabase class by inheritence from MidoriDatabase
 Ensure tab spinners update as often as the menubar spinner to avoid desync
 Use tabby sorting increment when importing session.xbel tabs
 Only install config files to /etc if prefix equals /usr
 handle urls as argument when starting midori
 Make tabby compile with Webkit2
 Drop waf build system and provide cmake-based "configure" script
 midori_panel_action_activate_cb forgot to update the action group
 Fixes bug where certificate Security overlay failed to close
 handle tab movement
 add tab sorting
 Untangle implicit GTK+3 for Granite and WebKit2
 Allow running test under debug tools with cmake
 Install config files to /etc when install prefix is /usr
 Add missing PO_FILES argument to GETTEXT_PROCESS_PO_FILES
 Add USE_APIDOCS to build API docs with CMake
 Rasterize SVG to PNG with rsvg-convert
 fix bookmarks test regression after fix-1179200-4
 Add CMakeLists.txt for config directory
 Install mo files in locale dir
 don't change uri/title if the tab isn't loaded
 use a separate signal to store the tab title
 Check if execinfo.h header exists on BSD
 fix endless loop in Midori.Database.init
 Use destructive-action style class in ClearPrivateData
 Initialize priv->element to avoid crash when freeing
 Introduces KatzeArray::update-item to handle metadata changes
 Refactor excuting schema from file into a function
 Use stock as string in liststore
 Drop needless (and wrong) HAVE_LIBNOTIFY in preferences
 Flip horizontal position of the overlay when hit by the mouse
 Add Midori.URI.get_base_domain and use it in NoJS
 Introduce Midori.Database and use for history and tabby
 ctrl+shift+w should trigger a delete-event
 Implement dialog windows opened via javascript
 Make get_res_filename work with different hierarchies
 fix check for new database
 Speed up session import
 Import tab title from old sessions
 Separate CFLAGS for C and add missing HAVE_
 Install top-level text files and FAQ html/ css to doc dir
 Provide and install .appdata.xml file for app stores
 Move bookmarks db handling to midori-bookmarks-db
 Update condition for UBUNTU_MENUPROXY to work on Saucy
 Introduce tabby, the new session manager
 Fix typo in katze_item_set_meta_integer call
 Allow bookmark bar update on additions resulting from imports
 Re-work midori_array_query_recursive to not include folder items twice
 Fix syntax of icon sizes passed to foreach
 Add bzr revision number to version if available
 Unify nojs and cookie policy dialogs, make policy changeable within the list
 Drop all G_ENABLE_DEBUG guards
 Add -g to CFLAGS to enable debugging symbols
 Adjust cmake build for Win32
 Implement CMake build setup
 Port MidoriApp from Unique/ sockets to GApplication
 New signal about-content to provide content for about uris
 Check if browser is NULL in midori_view_get_tab_menu to prevent a crash. Fixes bug #1215652.
 Ensure proxy setting widgets callbacks don't outlive the widgets themselves
 Fix webkit2 build error
 Show the bookmarks import location combobox.
 Rename internal completion URLs to avoid confusion

 Fix name and text fields inversion in XBEL folder import
 Correct packing of cookie and nojs permission dialog.
 Don't set tab title/special when a non-main frame displays an error
 Revise "cookies" debug output, merge expiry check and disallow revival of old cookies
 Drop now unused cgit module.xml file
 Use SoupProxyResolverGnome unconditionally and disable prefetching if proxy is active
 win32: Hide gui for profiles in webapp manager, as they are currently broken on Windows
 win32: support additional mouse buttons for going back/forward in history
 Enrich app error messages with filenames
 Fix segfault if url contains " %00"
 Replace 'Run as app' in bookmark dialog with 'Create launcher'
 Split config files and install from folders recursively
 Implement GTK+ theme switching via Preferences (Win32)
 Enable set_disk_cache_directory with WebKit2
 Introduce Midori.ContextAction and refactor page menu from scratch
 Define large dialog icon size relative to dialog icon size
 Extension Devpet which shows error messages and backtraces in systray
 WebKit2 cookie support
 Check the hit test result for editable to see if , should search
 Use SoupCookieJarSqlite and drop KatzeHttpCookies(Sqlite)
 Show folder tree when editing bookmarks
 Handle double value in _midori_browser_activate_action
 Add privacy preferences in web app mode
 Escape parentheses in adblock_fixup_regexp
 Introduce object oriented API for access to History Database
 Allow rss feeds with version 0.92
 Rename History completion to Bookmarks and History
 Don't show rss feed icon on twitter, underlying API was retired
 Read apps/ profiles from folder, leave launchers separate
 Fill in bookmark folder attributes in bookmarkbar populate

 Refactor history step and allow multiple title updates
 Call midori_browser_connect_tab with correct type
 Don't add HistoryCompletion if there's no history
 Restore reload button icon in error pages
 Don't insert folders into the log
 If an url is specified the fallback url should not be loaded
 Fixed crashes when closing a loading tab + granite's tab moving
 Test if plugins are redundant instead of skipping them all
 Avoid selecting bookmark uris that begin by 'javascript:' for completion
 Set FOREIGN_KEYS pragma on db initialization
 Implement a default zoom level preference
 Fix tautological use of G_MAXINT with enum
 Take current selection into account for bookmark folders when adding/editing bookmark
 Improve error page visuals, show suggestions on network errors
 Bump vala to 0.16.0
 Downgrade glib requirement to 2.32.3 to re-enable building under Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)
 Bump glib2 version to 2.32.4
 Improve and unify thumbnail generation
 Omit speed dial and blank pages from view completion
 Makes the elements of the speed dial non-selectable
 Use NULL-safe comparison in katze_item_icon_loaded_cb
 Drop non-DOM style sheet injection code path
 Clean small leftovers from GTK and WebKit version bumps
 Bump GTK+ requirement to 2.24 and drop support for earlier versions
 Check for app mode to set browser icon instead of readonly
 Escape square brackets in adblock_fixup_regexp
 Fix showing (sub)folders in bookmarkbar
 Bump WebKit requirement to 1.8.3 and drop support for earlier versions
 Set menu on dynamic notebook tab
 Do not run toolbar editor's GtkDialog in its own main loop by prevent calling gtk_dialog_run(). Instead just set the GtkDialog modal and show it.
 Remove unnecesary harmful code from tab_switched_cb
 Fix segfault when deleteing tabs with history list
 Specify int64 id item as a string in bookmark remove/update queries
 Distinguish between box and event box in the tab label when colouring tabs
 Show visual feedback when hovering over items in bookmark panel
 Replace INSTALL/ HACKING with exported Contribute wiki page
 Delete tabs from history list with Del
 Check brightness of backgroung color when deciding foreground color of given tab
 Clean launcher filenames, double-click to open and delete button
 Avoid declaring browser twice within the same function
 Add ./waf --update-pot
 Fix memory leak introduced in r6184
 Use old function name g_dbus_generate_guid for old valac
 Move Import and Export into menu Bookmarks
 Collect multiple download notifications within a minute
 Fix segfault when right clicking on a web view.
 Make libnotify mandatory except on Windows
 Remove the rather unnecessary ./waf --run feature
 Send a notification after creating a launcher
 Ambiguous 'Open as App' context menu item was removed
 Apply label color to label rather than event box
 Store data of app mode based on URL in ~/.local/share/midori/apps
 Split colorful tabs code into helper functions and add unit tests
 Fix History List memory leak  when closing Midori window.
 Replace .gitignore with a .bzrignore
 Always define GCR_VERSION in GTK+2 build
 Fix bookmarks dialog rename regression introduced in r6167.
 Drop check for gcr-3-gtk2 which isn't being maintained.
 Scrap unneeded background variables in location renderer callbacks
 Title case and proper packing in bookmark dialog
 Delete PO files Launchpad spewed into root directory when it couldn't find po/*.pot file.
 Issue a warning when trying to use MIDORI_DEBUG while running
 Update dates to 2013 to fix bug #1167075.

 Re-release with a proper version number and changelog

 Fix mouse gesture regression breaking context menu
 Fix --run command line switch by midori_paths_init
 Fix bug in size calculation for the history list popup
 Handle diagnostic dialog argument in running instance
 Fix feed panel default value crash
 Ensure existence of the applications directory
 Fix download tooltip crash and extend test case
 Integrate user interaction exploit demo in about:
 Don't convey loading or progress on special pages
 Address missing NULL checks and dead code found by clang
 No security window for blank pages, but a search icon
 Introduce UI for created apps/ launchers: Web App Manager
 Add custom-title setting to override browser title
 Add a Gtk.Entry to --plain mode for entering URLs
 Deprecate middle_click_opens_selection in favour of gtk-enable-primary-paste

 Require 1.11.91 aka 2.0.0 for WebKit2
 Delayed load, clear favicons, clear HTTP cache, tab favicons
 Navigation policy, mouse buttons, security details
 basic cookies, download dialog, res://, stock://, print
 Zoom, default-charset, view-source, spell-check, prefetch
 Back/ forward, enable-java, plugin listing, web inspector
 Store --execute arguments in string array
 Prevent overlay frame from being caught by show_all
 Unconditionally show Toolbar Style preference
 Duplicate current URI when reloading Midori.View
 Update tabs being closable on setting change in Granite
 Check default_search before setting SearchAction default
 Populate application chooser button in idle
 Bail out of completion resizing if cell height is 0
 Pass proxy to bookmark dialog when editing via menu
 Tweak bookmark dialog, button to buttons, toggles side by side
 Move 'Flash windows' option into History List
 Use light window for Clear Private Data with Granite
 Use GtkFontButton with filter func with GTK+ 3.2
 Implement 'Run in debugger' button in diagnostic dialog
 Add Win32 work-around to History List for modifiers
 Make toolbar drag/ drop work in GTK+3
 Check if active form element is input before getting search text
 Implement direction-based mouse gesture configuration
 Implement mouse movement, load-failed, crashed, search in WebKit2
 Add 'Show last crash log' button to diagnostic dialog
 Make invalid actions fail; exit on error in new process only
 Accept setting=value and extension=true/ false in --execute
 Merged cookie permissions as of 2013-03-08
 Gray out webGL preference if context is unavailable
 Use browser API to Close Other in view menu item
 Fix periods to ellipsis in Custom/ Customize Shortcuts
 Support Colorful Tabs in History List
 Add Midori.Tab.fg/ bg_color and Midori.View.set_colors
 Fix word-wrap, #decription and #message in about.css
 Set view scroll policy to Never to avoid flickering
 Use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for temporary files
 Build Vala and C parts of core separately
 Don't provide default value for enable-scripts
 Respect Open new pages: window for Web Search and Open Image
 enable-javascript in WebKit1/ 2, macro for (Web)Settings
 Fix MIDORI_*_VERSION to be integers
 Fix .desktop file validation unit test and fix errors
 'New tab behavior' preference: about:dial/ new/ search/ home alias URLs
 Use stripped down XBEL variant for session and trash
 Allow any proxies supported by libproxy; list supported types in preferences

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.76 2014/12/02 10:07:23 snj Exp $

DISTNAME=	midori_0.5.9_all_
PKGNAME=	${DISTNAME:S/_all_//:S/_/-/}
MASTER_SITES=	http://midori-browser.org/downloads/

MAINTAINER=	pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	http://midori-browser.org/
COMMENT=	Lightweight web browser using WebKit
LICENSE=	gnu-lgpl-v2.1
EXTRACT_SUFX=	.tar.bz2


USE_TOOLS+=	gmake intltool msgfmt pkg-config

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--disable-zeitgeist

CHECK_PORTABILITY_SKIP+= win32/old/x86-mingw32-opensuse/install.sh
CHECK_PORTABILITY_SKIP+= win32/makedist/makedist.midori

BUILD_DEPENDS+=		librsvg>=2.18:../../graphics/librsvg

DEPENDS+=		gnome-themes-[0-9]*:../../x11/gnome-themes

EGDIR=			${PREFIX}/share/examples/midori
CONF_FILES=		${EGDIR}/search ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/xdg/midori/search

.include "../../mk/bsd.prefs.mk"

OWN_DIRS+=	${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/xdg/midori/extensions/adblock
CONF_FILES+=	${EGDIR}/extensions/adblock/config \


.include "../../databases/sqlite3/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/gettext-lib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/libidn/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/hicolor-icon-theme/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../graphics/gnome-icon-theme/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../net/libsoup24/buildlink3.mk"
#.include "../../security/gnome-keyring/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../sysutils/desktop-file-utils/desktopdb.mk"
.include "../../textproc/libxml2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../www/webkit-gtk/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../sysutils/libnotify/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/gtk2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../lang/vala/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"