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Diff for /pkgsrc/www/jakarta-servletapi/Attic/distinfo between version 1.1 and

version 1.1, 2001/04/17 12:12:49 version, 2007/01/28 17:26:03
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 $NetBSD$  $NetBSD$
 SHA1 (jakarta-servletapi-3.2-src.tar.gz) = 2f5bff6565a8f0550294a7dc899a589883a80dbc  SHA1 (jakarta-servletapi-3.2.4-src.tar.gz) = 3c70d36813b30fafae3b65438a629c6331b53432
   RMD160 (jakarta-servletapi-3.2.4-src.tar.gz) = 76d88508a2971e10ad063f9a0aa0dbe8da1c7d1c
   Size (jakarta-servletapi-3.2.4-src.tar.gz) = 101506 bytes
   SHA1 (patch-aa) = 083bcfde2d480f9b15e6c71d5525bd0e32e5410d

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