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version, 2001/11/22 11:32:29 version, 2002/06/23 19:03:51
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 $NetBSD$  $NetBSD$
 SHA1 (asp2php-0.75.24.tar.gz) = 253d53940ada1c843d601845f36231d0b6a564ae  SHA1 (asp2php-0.76.10.tar.gz) = f36dcadb7c171b6b0dc9ce1908da7a705279101b
 Size (asp2php-0.75.24.tar.gz) = 41066 bytes  Size (asp2php-0.76.10.tar.gz) = 49983 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-aa) = 8f1e08e7cb41d39b0226c5ee4a98a69b3098fb6d  SHA1 (patch-aa) = 3e82a4ee63ea0e3050ce7eac3ccc2f675aa701b8

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