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Revision 1.5, Sat Apr 30 01:49:59 2022 UTC (3 months, 2 weeks ago) by mef
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2, HEAD
Changes since 1.4: +4 -4 lines

(www/R-shiny) Updated 1.6.0 to 1.7.1

shiny 1.7.1
## Bug Fixes

* Closed #3516: Fix regression in repeated calls to `appendTab()` when
  `navbarMenu()` is already present within a
  `tabsetPanel()`/`navbarPage()`. (#3518)

* Re-arranged conditions for testthat 1.0.0 compatibility. (#3512)

shiny 1.7.0
## Full changelog
### Breaking changes

* The `format` and `locale` arguments to `sliderInput()` have been
  removed. They have been deprecated since (released on

* Closed #3403: `insertTab()`'s `position` parameter now defaults to
  `"after"` instead of `"before"`. This has the benefit of allowing us
  to fix a bug in positioning when `target = NULL`, but has the
  drawback of changing the default behavior when `target` is not
  `NULL`. (#3404)

### New features and improvements
* Bootstrap 5 support. (#3410 and rstudio/bslib#304)

  * As explained
    [here](https://rstudio.github.io/bslib/index.html#basic-usage), to
    opt-in to Bootstrap 5, provide `bslib::bs_theme(version = 5)` to a
    page layout function with a `theme` argument (e.g., `fluidPage()`,
    `navbarPage()`, etc).

* Closed #3322, #3313, #1823, #3321, #3320, #1928, and #2310: Various
  improvements to `navbarPage()`, `tabsetPanel()`, `tabPanel()`,
  `navbarMenu()`, etc. Also, these functions are now powered by the
  `{bslib}` package's new `nav()` API (consider using `{bslib}`'s API
  to create better looking and more fully featured navs). (#3388)

* All uses of `list(...)` have been replaced with
  `rlang::list2(...)`. This means that you can use trailing `,`
  without error and use rlang's `!!!` operator to "splice" a list of
  argument values into `...`. We think this'll be particularly useful
  for passing a list of `tabPanel()` to their consumers (i.e.,
  `tabsetPanel()`, `navbarPage()`, etc). For example, `tabs <-
  list(tabPanel("A", "a"), tabPanel("B", "b"));
  navbarPage(!!!tabs)`. (#3315 and #3328)

* `installExprFunction()` and `exprToFunction()` are now able to
  handle quosures when `quoted = TRUE`. So `render`-functions which
  call these functions (such as with `htmlwidgets`) can now understand
  quosures. Users can also use `rlang::inject()` to unquote a quosure
  for evaluation.  This also means that `render` function no longer
  need `env` and `quoted` parameters; that information can be embedded
  into a quosure which is then passed to the `render` function. Better
  documentation was added for how to create `render`
  functions. (#3472)

* `icon(lib="fontawesome")` is now powered by the `{fontawesome}`
  package, which will make it easier to use the latest FA icons in the
  future (by updating the `{fontawesome}` package). (#3302)

* Closed #3397: `renderPlot()` new uses `ggplot2::get_alt_text()` to inform an `alt` text default (for `{ggplot2}` plots). (#3398)

* `modalDialog()` gains support for `size = "xl"`. (#3410)

* Addressed #2521: Updated the list of TCP ports that will be rejected
  by default in runapp.R, adding 5060, 5061 and 6566. Added
  documentation describing the port range (3000:8000) and which ports
  are rejected. (#3456)

### Other improvements
* Shiny's core JavaScript code was converted to TypeScript. For the
  latest development information, please see the [README.md in
  `./srcts`](https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/tree/master/srcts). (#3296)

* Switched from `digest::digest()` to `rlang::hash()` for hashing. (#3264)

* Switched from internal `Stack` class to `fastmap::faststack()`, and
  used `fastmap::fastqueue()`. (#3176)

* Some long-deprecated functions and function parameters were
  removed. (#3137)

### Bug fixes
* Closed #3345: Shiny now correctly renders
  `htmltools::htmlDependency()`(s) with a `list()` of `script`
  attributes when used in a dynamic UI context. This fairly new
  `htmlDependency()` feature was added in `{htmltools}`
  v0.5.1. (#3395)

* Fixed [#2666](https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/issues/2666) and
  `nearPoints()` and `brushedPoints()` weren't properly account for
  missing values (#2666 was introduced in
  v1.4.0). ([#2668](https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/pull/2668))

* Closed #3374: `quoToFunction()` now works correctly with nested
  quosures; and as a result, quasi-quotation with rendering function
  (e.g., `renderPrint()`, `renderPlot()`, etc) now works as expected
  with nested quosures. (#3373)

* Exported `register_devmode_option()`. This method was described in
  the documentation for `devmode()` but was never exported. See
  `?devmode()` for more details on how to register Shiny Developer
  options using `register_devmode_option()`. (#3364)

* Closed #3484: In the RStudio IDE on Mac 11.5, selected checkboxes
  and radio buttons were not visible. (#3485)

### Library updates

* Closed #3286: Updated to Font-Awesome 5.15.2. (#3288)

* Updated to jQuery 3.6.0. (#3311)

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