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Revision 1.3, Mon Oct 18 02:14:08 2004 UTC (15 years, 7 months ago) by ben
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +1 -1 lines

Update wmi to version 10.  Addresses PR#27271 from Leonard Schmidt.

    * cycling workspaces focusses the last focussed client
    * toggle-statusbar-mode for displaying client title instead of
      workspace pager and detached-clients, useful for long client
    * renamed to startup.chain, now you can provide
      arbitrary action names in a comma separated list for the startup.chain,
      default is single "rehash" action
    * removed groups
    * renamed ex-floatbar into clientbar
    * renamed toggle-status-mode into toggle-clientbar-mode
    * improved mode pager button on client bar, filled means that there're
      clients attached, unfilled means, no clients attached
    * removed statusbar.status-width option which is calculated now
    * renamed toggle-focus-mode into toggle-mode
    * new menu button on new clientbar
    * new menu for fast selection of clients and fast attaching detached
      clients, also for fast action invocation
    * new common.conf option 'menu.actions' for actions definition
      within menu
    * applied several patches by Dr. Pfefferl
    * fixed BUG-24 (label overlapping)
    * fixed toggle-max issues
    * removed cycle-frame-*
    * fixed bar and button sizes
    * new theme colors for focus requests
    * changed default theme to zahod's industrial theme contribution
    * implemented race prevention for EnterNotify's of sloppy focus stuff
      with floating clients
    * fixed broken destroy-* actions
    * improved sticky handling, now sticky does not mean raised on top
    * detached clients will get attached again after restart
    * fixed following BUGS
      BUG-51 (detaching firefox crashed wmi)
      BUG-50 (endless resizing due to missing increment hint handling)
      BUG-49 (destroy action have been broken)
      BUG-39 (don't run startup.chain on restart) -> invalid, no bug
    * implemented new actions 'hook-client' and 'unhook-client' which
      make it possible to hook clients to specific workspaces
    * Eliminated several BadWindow and BadMatch occurences
    * autocompletion.mode option of common.conf reappeared, now
      with two possibilities - 'default' and 'regex'
    * improved menu with missing button functions, especially right click
      on workspace items or clients (middle button click now inserts cut
      buffer into client)
    * new action 'toggle-sloppy-mode' which toggles the sloppy focussing
      on the fly
    * removed option, because bar is not supported anymore,
      be a fan of pseudo resize info centered within pseudo client borders
    * implemented meters controlled by wmiremote with special syntax -
      wmiremote -m #,#,...
    * Marcel implemented regexp support for input mode, just compile wmi
      with --with-posix-regex and set autocompletion.mode=regex in
      common.conf to enable it
    * new slot.tabs entry for common.conf to create several slot tabs, use
      this option like slot.tabs=default,icq,dockapps
    * renamed toggle-client-bar into toggle-clientbar
    * renamed toggle-status-bar into toggle-statusbar
    * renamed toggle-inputmode into inputmode
    * each workspace remembers the last focussed slot tab now
    * removed --with-stacked-tabbing compile option, use cycle.mode= option
      in common.conf instead
    * improved clientbar illumination
    * fixed toggle-slot brokeness after snap 558
    * now using Container for slot tabs also
    * using CClient and CFrame (Container types) for workspace/monitor stuff,
      to also support stacked tabbing for frames, detached, floating and sticky
    * slot raises on every mode change action
    * shortcut handling is now improved
    * new widget class for menu, slot and bar with default methods
    * WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is taken into account now when setting maximized/float
      settings for new windows through a patch by Ryan Sorensen
    * new default.transient-mode={float,max} for default placement of
    * some general transient fixes
    * sloppy focus focusses windows only, not raising them (raise with
      click instead)
    * slot improvements finished now - new cycle-slot-tab-prev/next
      actions, implemented focus for slot, now you can easily focus an
      slot app through mouse-over (enter) events
    * toggle-mode now validates if senseful (if no client is attached
      within the specific mode, toggle-mode is invalid)
    * new colors for meters -
    * new{show,hide} and default.border-mode={show,hide}
      options for common.conf to show hide borders/bars of
      clients/frames by default
    * implemented slot.mode={overlap,non-overlap} to get a
      (non-)overlapping slot
    * implemented '~' expansion for input mode
    * new kill-slot-client action for killing focussed slot client
    * new regex-mode for the input-line. compile with '--with-posix-regex'
      and turn it on in common.conf with 'autocompletion.mode=regex'
    * WMI shows a special box now when awaiting more keystrokes
      (e.g. in sequential shortcut chains)
    * implemented raise action, this fits better with current focussing
      model (to prevent FocusOnClick if a client is already focused)
    * mouse shortcuts are only allowed in single shortcuts or shortcut
      chain prefixes but not in chain shortcuts
    * improved shortcut handling with following ratpoison-alike
      behavior - if you press same keystroke of a shortcut chain twice,
      it'll send to the client (instead processed), this works only with
      shortcut chains, not with simple shortcuts
    * fixed several bogus window occurances
    * removed slot.adjustment property - slot now always is adjusted
      top-down (because of new overlap mode this is needed/simplified)
    * renamed bind-keys action to bind-shortcut
    * new action toggle-shortcuts implemented which ungrabs all
      keybindings, except itself and inputmode keybinding until next
      toggle-shortcuts action
    * slot now takes only the height it needs (especially useful for
      overlap mode of slot)
    * implemented new select-monitor action for multihead configurations
    * renamed attach-client to attach-last-client
    * new attach-client action which provides a list of all detached
      clients in input mode
    * splitted color.meter.figure into three new colors as follows -
        color.meter.figure.high (>66)
        color.meter.figure.normal (<33)
        color.meter.figure.low (else)
    * improved wmiremote -m syntax, now wmi understands
        wmiremote -m '!80#apm' as color negation from high to low or
        vice versa
    * applied Johann Pfefferl's patch which fixes
      BUG-03 (if frame is resized over boundaries it gets obscured)
    * fixed slot toggling bug reported by Kathryn Andersen
    * lower has reappeared as Kathryn requested
    * improved select-frame-* policy which prefers last directional
      focussed frame before lowest distance policy (was a feature
      request by grayrest)
    * IconicState apps are started detached now
    * reenabled slot solid filling till down bar when
      and slot.mode=non-overlap options are given in this specific way
    * hook-client now works also for slot-tabs (you've to explicitly
      focus the slot'ed client to hook it to a specific tab)
    * action grab-move implemented which is bound by default to
      mod1+Button1 to grab floating clients for moving (useful if
      titlebars/borders are hidden)
    * normalized the meter syntax from NN# to NN% (% is new
    * frame.colwidth option for tiled mode (1..99)
    * frame.autodestroy option for autodestroying frames (empty
           frames are allowed now) ('yes' or 'no')
    * frame.mode option which takes 'tabbed' or 'tiled' as argument
    * toggle-tiled and zoom-client actions for tiled mode
    * fixed slot persistence bug
    * fixed frame resize related problems on workspace change
    * new colors for tiled definitions
    * closed open bugs, most are fixed, some multihead issues and some
      fullscreen issues still exist
    * updated manual pages

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