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Annotation of pkgsrc/textproc/zet/DESCR, Revision 1.1

1.1     ! pin         1: This is a command-line utility for doing set operations on files considered as
        !             2: sets of lines. For instance, `zet union x y z` outputs the lines that occur in
        !             3: any of `x`, `y`, or `z`.
        !             4: Two notes:
        !             5: -Each output line occurs only once, because we're treating the files as sets
        !             6:  and the lines as their elements.
        !             7: -We do take the file structure into account in one respect: the lines are
        !             8:  output in the same order as they are encountered. So `zet union x` prints
        !             9:  out the lines of `x`, in order, with duplicates removed.

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