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Revision 1.2, Thu Aug 10 13:44:22 2006 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by abs
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.1: +1 -1 lines

Update xerces-c to 2.7.0:

Update table used for patterns to the Unicode 4.0.1 level.
For time schema datatypes, ensure milisecond only contains 0-9
OS400 updates
Modify runConfigure to accept the names of C++ compilers that it doesn't recognize
Change for loop control variable for compilers that don't enforce for scope.
Update XSValue to handle float and double the same way the main library does
Update HP 64 bit options
Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1416
Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1391
Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1407
Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1390
Move implementation of setDocument to the cpp file, where DOMDocumentImpl is a known class (jira 968)
Fix for problem on Solaris where open may return 0 as a valid FileHandle. Check for -1 instead.
Fix for xercesc-1413: invalid operator equal template signature
Schema updates to match spec
Prefix mapping update to handle schema correctly.
Remove collaboration graph from apiDocs
Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1411
Use isspace instead of isSpace as data is char not xmlch
Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1410
Add support for ucs-2
Fix Jira 1406. Added include
Fix compiler errors on IRIX (jira 1405)
Update chars table with an NCName char mask instead of an XML letter mask
appendChild now throws an exception when a NULL pointer is given (jira# 1401)
Update XSValue to handle leading and trailing whitespace
Change platform mutex code to do a panic
Performance: do not make a copy of the expression to match
Implement version of lowercase that only check a to z
Update Redirect sample to use newer entity resolver callback
Implement support for disabling default entity resolution
skip DTD validation feature
Fix thread safety issues
Fix for jira 1397. *Much* nicer make output
Fix for Jira 1396. make distclean now removes all files
Fix a problem where illegal qualified names were not reported as errors
Fix memory leak when deserializing grammars
Add support for not creating xsannotations when deserializing a grammar
Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1389: memory manager
In case of a mixed-case standalone value, the flag was always set to false
Don't invoke the resolver when an empty xs:import is found
Allow XSAnnotation generation to be controlled by a feature
Begin work on adding some new features by checking in the feature handling support
On Windows, export the class from the DLL
Perf patches for Xercesc-1369 and 1370
Implement versions of uppercase and compareIstring that only check a to z
Add FLOAT(IEEE) to list of 390 compiler options so XSValueTest will compile
[jira 1381] Memory leak in GrammarResolver
Aligned method declaration (jira# 1386)
Updated doc to refect real behaviour with adoptBuffer
Remove variable declaration from 'if' statement (jira# 1379)
Fully qualify enum (jira# 1383)
Aligned method declaration (jira# 1384)
Fix possible overflow problem
Fix for Jira 1376: wrong memory manager
Fix to Jira 1375. Removed space char between #! and /.
XERCESC-1345: Reset fDTDElemeNonDeclPool in scanreset
XERCESC-1363: Increase size of BaseRefVectorOf based on size of data not by 32
Protected getSrcOffset to avoid crashing when parsing has finished; updated documentation
Redeclare a namespace binding if the prefix is already bound to a different namespace (jira# 1371)
Improve performances of XMLString::tokenizeString (jira# 1363)
Eliminate lazy creation of attribute lists
Initialize ICU to avoid multithreading problems
The URL fragments were leaked (jira# 1362)
Update samples to use XERCESCOUT instead of XERCESCROOT
Removing makefile project, as BCB6 users should use the .bpr project (jira# 1347)
Removed superfluous const qualifiers
Attempt to fix compiler errors
Performance improvements
Fixing spelling errors
Fix for compile under gcc 4
Fix thread safety issues. Jira #30380. Thanks to David Bertoni
Various PSVI fixes
Allow ICU to be used for transcoding and casing
Copy performance change made to XMLUTF8Transcoder.cpp to the 390 version
Bugfix: XERCESC-1074; get rid of warnings
Doc updates, including xercesc-1352
Performance fixes
Updated makefile (bug# 1346)
Update error message from regular expressions
Prefix mapping fix
Store key for recreating table instead of using enclosingscope
Update release plan with tenative 3.0 list
Fix spelling of fgMacLCPEncodingName
Remove from project obsolete files XObjectComparator and XTemplateComparator.
Explicitly create a unicode collator for Mac
AStatic builds had incomplete MIDL command lines
Enable building of tests and samples under Interix (jira# 1330)
Mark global variables for this module as static (jira# 1331)
Added rehashing capabilities
If the option /Zc:wchar_t is specified, map XMLCh to wchar_t (jira# 413)
XMemory updates
Xercesc-1326: Documentation update for getTextContext.
Xercesc-1328: Fix spelling of XMLUni::fgXercesUseCachedGrammarInParse (missing an a in parse)
Delete memory for parser and grammarpool
When entity reference creation was on, the document created by the parser was leaked (jira# 490)
Support for UnixWare 7.1.1 (jira# 1148)
Fix for xercesc-1219
Remove warning messages.
Fixes to compile with Visual Studio 2005 (jira# 1253)
Fix for Xercesc-1283: incorrect case for xmluni predefined constant in doc
Fix for Xercesc-1314: clarify what is xercescroot.
Updated Borland makefile
scanReset() should always clear the maps used to detect duplicate attributes
Removed warnings
When emitting a "duplicate attribute" error, we were using an unitialized pointer variable
Update SAX2Print sample project files to add new files recently added to sample
Add icpc to the list of C++ compilers (jira# 1311)
Add support for use of ICU with Mac OS X version
maps used to detect duplicate attributes are now cleaned
Fixed name of include file [jira#1321]
Notify advanced handlers of the whitespace before and after the root document element (jira# 729)
Delete the user data informations only after invoking all the NODE_DELETED handlers (jira# 620)
Added API to remove all entries having the same primary key
The second call to ucnv_fromUChars was causing the buffer not to be terminated (jira#1300)
Add support for use of sockets netaccessor on Mac OS X.
Fix syntax error caught by GCC 4
DOMDocument::cloneNode can clone the element definitions (bug# 647)
Store fAxisType as an integer, not as a XMLCh (bug# 1177)
Add support for SAX2 filters (jira# 1133)
XSValue Updates
Use correct prefix on end tag
Attempt to fix various apidoc problems
Add assert to avoid memory violation
Performance improvement
Take into account the fExpandEntityReferences setting [jira# 1303]
Fix problem with hexbin::decode and use XMLByte instead of XMLCh for output of decoding.
DOM L3: pass schema normalized value only when datatype-normalization feature is enabled.
Fxi for jira392
An option to ignore a cached DTD grammar
Fixed memory leak in operator= [jira# 1307]
Take into account the fExpandEntityReferences setting [jira# 1303]
Clean-up error text for a message that said unsupported
Added XMLString::release(void**, MemoryManager*) [jira# 1301]
entity resolver behaviour
Avoid throwing an exception when orphaning a cached grammar that has not been used yet
Update two error messages: add missing parameter, remove extra parameter
Update ccsid.h for new release of icu
Fix for bug xercesc-1304
Update MS VC7.1 build options
Remove XObjectComparator and XTemplateComparator. These are debug files that aren't used.
Fix for synthetic annotation generation on 'extension' element of simpleContent
Fix problem with an All content model with minOccurs of 0.
Fix to correctly report the boundaries of an external subset
Memory improvement to utility classes
Changes for linker problems with linux build using xlc.
Performance improvement to utility classes.
Add build target for VC7.1 to create a static library
XSValue updates
Fix for validate annotations.
Fix multi threading problem.
To build ICU3.2 and on Linux/xlC_r
MSVC 7.1
Fix for jira#1298: NetBSD uses r+ to open files for reading
read/write Storer level
Msg build versioning
[Jira#1294] Compiler Warnings on IRIX with MIPSpro compiler ver 7.4
Handling OutOfMemory exception
Add missing parameter to three error messages.
Data member reshuffle and store/load
Optimized alignment for various data types
MacOS build updates
Maintain consistent order among multiple store/load session to allow comparison
Fixed version number
Allow option of initializing static data in XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize
XercesC2_6_0 updates: build debuged libary on Windows/VC6
[Jira#1287] new deprecated DOM libraries not included in .spec file for Linux
Performance improvement
Fix for jira bug 1234. Infinite loop in XSComplexTypeDefinition::derviedFromType.
using ValueHashTableOf to reduce footprint
Fix for jira bug 1282: empty exception message being generated
Serialization fix, fPVSIScope not serialized.
Change attribute number threshold to 100
Support to build ICU3.0 on Solaris2.8 64-bit
Fix for Jira 866

Bug 1209
Mark SAXParser as deprecated.
Performance: improve src offset calculation.
Optimized duplicated attributes checking for large number of attributes
BCC 511 updates
Update sample to use an error handler and only generate xsmodel when a schema document has been loaded successfully.
Update documentation to describe new features
Validate annotations
Reset datatype validator
[Bug 1197]
Fix to 1264. All refererences to public headers now use the include files.
Fix documentation generation problem.
Add support for generating synthetic XSAnnotations.
Fix memory leak in PSVIWriter sample.
Bug fixes
Remove unused variable and data member.
Reorder initialization of variables in constructor
Do not build/ship debug version lib on Windows
Change lib name on Windows from 2_5_0 to 2_5
Documentation Updates.
Handle partial PSVIElement
Mac updates
Added a setCreateSchemaInfo method to the DOM parsers, to store PSVI informations in element and attribute nodes
Mark some methods as deprecated
Remove XercesMessages_en_US.hpp from the Win32 projects (they use the WinRC MsgLoader)
provide default implementation for CreateDocumentType
Don't include icudata.lib to the Windows projects: ICU 3.0 has renamed and it's no more needed since ICU 2.0
Updated error message for UPA to also state the complex type that is failing the test
jira 855)
new method: getActualValue()
Performance improvement fix to more efficiently findattdef.
Return bool as described in the interface for cacheGrammar instead of throwing an exception.
0S/390 build updates
Apache License Version 2.0
XercesC-1269 Fix: Remove extra comma.
Fix API Doc warning message
OS400 Build updates
Specify bmaxdata for AIX samples and tests.
Add OutOfMemoryException block to samples and tests.
Thread safety change for getTypeLocalName and getTypeUri
Reduce memory footprint of DOMNode::setUserData
Don't allocate a DOMTypeInfo object if there is no type info to store
Added transferElement API
getXSModel fix
Jira bug XERCESC-1257
Add XSValue test
Fixing Xerces-C crash when creating a MixedContentModel
Externalised validation, actual/canonical value production for Schema built-in data types
build on aix xlC_r v6 with v5 comptiable name mangling scheme
reset() was not resetting the stack of types (jira1245)
calcRequiredSize assumed all the characters were of the same size (jira1142)
A global mutex was not cleaned up
jira 862
Use file static instance instead of local static instance
Eliminate the need to create a temporary content model when performing UPA checking
use the supplied memory manager
Enable libWWW on Solaris
Fixed bugzilla bug 23100.
Increment patnIndex only when a match is found
IGXMLScanner::fErrorStack not cleared if an exception is thrown
Build on HP-Itanium, aCC A.05.52
Force the destruction of an XMLBuffer before terminating Xerces
ThreadTest updates
Upgrade to ICU3.0
Fix for jira1170
Fir for jira1136
Fix for jira1226
Fix for jira1238
Fix for jira1210
Rename VALUE_CONSTRAINT enumeration names
Initialize memory manager to default.
fix for compilation under gcc 3.5
Fix for jira1181
don't switch grammars unnecessarily
Fixed memory leak (jira1228)
Memory Leakage Fixed
make sure tables are properly aligned
supported C++ namespaces doc update
Consolidated End Of Line Handling
Fixed null pointer bug
Fix bug where scanners would accept malformed tags and perf improvements
Fix memory leak.
XML 1.1
Performance fix: clearing the undeclared attribute maps on start tags
normalizeURI() added
XMLString::removeChar added
[jira1216] GrammarResolver never clears internal cache of Grammar instances
MingGW updates
UTF-8 new error message
The net accessor input source now can be used to get data using PUT or POST
Performance: push a new map on the namespace stack only when an element has a xmlns attribute
Enable libWWW on Linux
Added error message for the HTTP NetAccessor
xlat doesn't compile on Windows
Enable IDs to work on all kinds of schema components
To resolveGrammar correctly
not all 390 processors support the new transcoding instructions
Misc fix to update fCount in the correct place.
Schema bug with group redefined
Misc doc updates
xlat generate code for private default constructor
XML1.0 3rd Edition Updates
Add "UTF16" as a synonym for UTF-16 (bug #XERCESC-1198)
Doc updates for Jira
Various MAC fixes
Various PSVI Fixes
Identity Constraints
Doc updates
Add createDocumentType
Grammar caching of DTD internal subsets
fix for file resolution problems on OS/390
DTDs included from XML Schema were not opened using the entity resolver specified by the user (bug# 27008)
make comparison case insensitive, typo in error message corrected.
Annotation reporting improvements
item() was could only return items found in the first non-empty bucket
Add Messages to DOMExceptions improvements
importNode bug fix
Serialization Changes
Deprecated DOM
Inside attribute values, new lines must be escaped (bug#20858)
Added support for MinGW (bug#23176)
Fix documentation for binToText (bug# 9207)
Serialization changes
DOMNamedNodeMap Performance Improvements
PSVI Fixes
The maps inside the DTD are declared of the right type, removing the need for casts
Removed unnecessary inclusion of implementation headers
DOMNodeVector is used only to store attributes; save memory
WFXMLScanner was throwing an index out of bound exception
[bug# 7051] The "hash" argument clashes with STL hash
save/load TypeUri/TypeLocalName more accurately
eliminate leakage
Check for errors when saving a document to a file (bug# 2594)
OS/390 transcoder update
Added test for bug# 26919
If insertBefore(A,A) is invoked, a crash would occur (bug# 26919)
When cloning a DOMDocument, clone also the encoding, version and standalone info (bug#13056)
Instantiate XSerializeEngine with GrammarPool
Fix for UPA checking
new getter: getHashModulus
Revise the Mac OS Transcoder to use the Mac Text Encoding Converter
Update Mac OS Projects for newly added files
Fixed memory leaks
Fix for bug# 27263 (extra = in registration script
The COM wrapper doesn't use the deprecated DOM anymore
Fixed typo in documentation
Bug#27209: Xerces 2.5.0 does not build with option -t IconvGNU because of syntax errors!
Doxyfile update to 2.5.0
fix for bug 25035: cygwin support
fix potential memory leak


Here is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.5.0.
make first parameter of BinOutputStream::writeBytes const * const; bug 26936
Remove the limitation on providing PSVI information
Update threadtest to accept -init option instead of using compiler directive.
Remove unnecessary if statement
Bug#26900 fix, remove virtual on destructor
Xercesc2_5_0 Updates
Xercesc2_5_0 Updates
PSVIWriter documentation updates
Bug#26607 fix
Bug#21965: A substitution group with no type is always valid
SCMPrint build error fix
Xercesc2_5_0: com updates
Implemented setTextContent
Project SUMPrint
PSVIWriter to build with intel
PSVIWriter to build on AIX
Bug#26648 fix
PSVIWriter build fix
Bug#20684 fix
PSVIWriter build fix and usage update
Project PSVIWriter
Misc 390 changes.
Intrinsic transcoding support for 390.
Fix a seg fault with PSVI and set basetype of anysimpletype to be anytype.
Code cleanup changes to get rid of various compiler diagnostic messages.
Added support for the Interix platform (Windows Services for Unix 3.5)
Bug#26426 fix
Bug#26315 fix
put back the parameter to build debug
Update script to flush buffer
Update sanity tests so that each test result can be uniquely identified
Code cleanup changes to get rid of various compiler diagnostic messages.
Add include for unistd.h
Define away some gcc garbage so that /usr/include/unistd.h will compile with the CodeWarrior MachO target
Add a check for a corner-case buffer condition
Bug #26419 fix
Step around CodeWarrior compiler warning
Update Mac OS Xcode project to reflect recent file additions
Update Mac OS CodeWarrior project to reflect recent file additions
WideCharToMultiByte and MultiByteToWideChar return 0 on failure, not -1
maintain the same size on both 32/64 bit architecture
Project XSerializerTest
In the Win32LCPTranscoder, don't use wcstombs or mbstowcs, as they don't pick up the correct local code page; use the Win32 API using CP_ACP as the code page
Removed usage of undeclared macro MIN
proper allignment for built-in datatype read/write
HP compiler (after upgrade) is no longer complaining about placement delete
Bug#18341 fix
Bug#24929 fix
revert code back to previous version
Remove unnecessary local static data
set optimization level#2 on hp aCC
Misc build updates
Undo previous change memory management changes.
Misc memory management changes
For sanity, use class name to qualify method
Fix wrong size of allocation
remove unused static member
update Copyright year
Minor performance change for handling reserved and unreserved characters.
Fix 390 compilation errors.
Use a global static mutex for locking when creating local static mutexes instead of compareAndSwap
remove use of static buffers
Avoid throwing malformedurl exceptions in XMLURL to avoid a threading problem on AIX.
PSVI: inherit facets from base type
Bug#25660 fix
Bug#25542 fix
Bug#25768 fix: Replaced the call to wcstombs using a NULL target buffer with the equivalent call to WideCharToMultiByte ()
Bug#25412 fix
Fix segfault when adding S4S
Reset list of grammars after building XSModel
using the no-exception-thrown ctor
Bug#28517 static initialization problems
make sure locally-declared attributes have declarations in the PSVI
On some platforms, it is problematic to throw a different exception from inside the catch block of another exception
Various PSVI fixes
using ctor/parseContent to avoid exception thrown from ctor
Update AIX build to generate .a libraries as -brtl is no longer used so that a build generated without using will be clean.
Release memory when an error is encountered.
Updated project for BCC551
Made virtual function checkAdditionalFacet 'const', so that it matches the declaration in a derived class
Even if the resolver has no grammars, since all schema processors are aware of the schema-for-schemas, an XSModel should be produced.
fix one more buffer overrun, affecting boolean lists
enable production of canonical representations for dates with negative years, or years >9999
ensure an XSModel
even if there are no grammars to add to an XSModel, the S4S grammar must be included
do not report anything about default/fixed values for non-global attribute declarations
use a null-terminated string when tokenizing pattern facets
more PSVI bug fixes
some indices in the PSVIAttributeList were 1 off
fix segfault when validation of a union type fails
initialize undeclared attribute registry appropriately for its local use in scanStartTag
allow schema normalized values to be associated with a PSVIAttribute after it is reset
use the original memory manager to deallocate in assignment operator
PSVI: return value constraint only if global declaration
PSVI: add whitespace facet if missing
More PSVI updates
When parsing a new element, clear the maps holding the unparsed attribute we have seen. This because these maps keep pointers to the name of the attributes object that gets recycled for every element (and their name is deallocated when recycled)
Memory management update.
Improved algorithm for finding derivedFrom.
More updates to memory management so that the static memory manager.
Absorb exception thrown in getCanonicalRepresentation and return 0, only validate when required
Bug#18611 fix.
Bug #25699 fix: made getRootElemID const.
Bug#25164: Patch for doc enhancement
add attribute names to PSVIAttributeList and fix some problems with calculation of canonical values in element content
fix canonical representation production
store name/namespace of corresponding attribute in PSVIAttributeList; not all PSVIAttributes have XSAttributeDeclarations
Fix compiler messages on OS390.
More memory management updates.
PSVI: process 'final' information
when validating a skipped element or attribute, we should not look for a declaration.
remove a throw clause inserted during debugging
do not assert memorymanager in placement delete.
Fix AIX compiler error.
PSVI: Use complex type info if present, otherwise use datatype validator
PSVI: fix for annotation of attributes in attributeGroup/derived types
fix two overflow conditions
fix a segfault and a possible buffer overflow condition
Update for memory management so that the static memory manager (one used to call Initialize) is only for static data.
Check for NULL when building XSParticle
fix compilation error
ensure all uses of ArrayJanitor use a memory manager
add default memory manager parameter to loadMsg method that uses char * parameters
Fix memhandlertest failure (memory not deleted).
XSerializerTest updates
exception thrown upon invalid number, thanks Gareth Reakes.
Make IC_Field stateless, fMayMatch is no longer a data member of IC_Field
Add nextElementKey method
The DOMTypeInfo should have a NULL namespace and type name when DTD validation is used, not empty strings
don't expand ContextSpecNode when deserilized
Change a conditional expression to an if-else to avoid a compiler problem.
fix segfault when a writeAnnotation() method was called
psvi updates; cleanup revisits and bug fixes
make use of XMLDocumentHandler::elementTypeInfo instead of non-thread-safe XMLElementDecl methods
Bug#25494 fix
fix compilation errors under gcc
configure scripts need to be told about XSerializerTests before they can build its Makefile
fix small bugs that made sanity tests fails
Project XSerializerTest
trailing zeros for double/float w/o decimal point
fixes for the URI implementation to take registry names into account
Canonical Representation Support
Store non schema attributes from parent in XSAnnotation
OS/390 updates
make documentation accord with what Xerces-C supports
ICU has deprecated the -s390 encoding suffix. This patch uses the new convention for XML documents that make use of this suffix
make CreateDOMDocument sample more robust
fixes for canonical value production; memory management was not implemented correctly
Eliminate the preparsing stage
change some hash constants
fix seg fault caused when a complex type had simple content; we were not processing the complex type itself, only its base
Remove GCC2 build styles from xcode samples
Bug #25343 Add xcode project for SEnumVal sample
Bug#25337: Enable DEPLOYMENT_POSTPROCESSING for Mac OS X GCC3 Deployment Build.
fix bug in PSVI where a segfault would occur if an attribute was not defined
fix duplicate attribute detection when namespaces are disabled
PSVI fix: cannot allow validator to reset its element content buffer before exposing it to the application
uninitialize panic handlers so they will be ready for subsequent initalizations
when an empty element is valid, it will not have a datatype validator
Bug#25118, additional fix once again
since there are certain things, such as schemaLocation attributes, that have a datatype and which we nonetheless do not validate, make canonical-value production dependent on validity being valid
fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PSVIAttributeList
Bug#20169, openFile was opening the file for read and write, while only read was required
Removed /version option from the linker
Don't use the word "exception" as a variable name, as VC 7.1 complains about it
Bug#16055 fix, Make the code compilable on Windows when UNICODE is defined
Properly set fAnnotation data member


Here is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.4.0.
fix Doxygen warnings; bug 25118
fix bug 28084
Set root element if not previpusly set, Use memory manager when creating root element name
in preparation for stateless DOMTypeInfo for elements
Fix state-ful duplicate attribute detection when the integrated scanner is in use and namespaces are off. Also, implement change to PSVIHandler interface to remove prefix passing.
PSVIElement implementation
implement writeAnnotation
create XSModels if a PSVIHandler has been set on the scanner. Make PSVI production more robust
implement isSpecified
fixes for segfaults and infinite loops in schema component model implementation;
mark DOMTypeInfo-related methods on XMLElementDecl deprecated since they are not thread-safe
Bug#24983: Proposed changes of bcc.551 and bcb6 project files for forthcoming 2.4.0 release
DOMPrint run result updated.
more complete implementation of PSVIAttributeList; remove some problematic const-ness
Store XSModel.
remove XMLIBM1047Transcoder's dependence on iostream
Add a method to return the XSObject mapped to a schema grammar component
Update Mac OS Codewarrior project, Cleanup build errors/warnings from CodeWarrior
Serialize enclosing complex type, Check for out of memory exception and document updates
Make XSObjectFactory inherit from XMemory
Misc. PSVI updates
Update expected result
Fix AIX linking error
Add Mac OS project for Xcode, Revise build instructions to reflect deprecation of Project Builder projects, and elevation of the Xcode projects.
Eliminate some compiler warnings concerning comments inside of comments
add IBM1047 to the list of intrinsic transcoders
allow classes derived from XMLTransService to tailor the intrinsic maps to their taste.
Reset memory manager in Terminate
PSVI: finish construction of XSSimpleTypeDefinition
added in support for xml-declaration feature.
Fix for bug 22917
update method documentation
DatatypeValidator support for PSVI
PSVI updates
Enable grammar pools and grammar resolvers to manufacture XSModels. This also cleans up handling in the parser classes by eliminating the need to tell the grammar pool that schema compoments need to be produced.
Setting the stage for PSVI (element and attribute) implementation: pointing out all places in scanners where validation updates need to occur
More schema component model implementation, In particular, this cleans up and completes the XSModel, XSNamespaceItem, XSAttributeDeclaration and XSAttributeGroup implementations.
PSVI: Use XSObjectFactory to create various components.
insertElementAt was not checking if there was room for the new element (bug#24714)
Wrong filename in error messages (bug#24883)
Protect getEntityDeclPool from invoking a method on a NULL pointer (bug#24881)
Updated COM for xerces-c_2_4_0
Updated project to copy xerces-c_2_4_0, not xerces-c_2_3_0
PSVI: element declaration, content model, PSVIutil
Updated Borland makefile
PSVI: store name and namespace information
build xercesc2_4_0 with icu2.6.1
increment version to 2.4.0 in docs
build xercesc2_4_0
PSVIAttributeList needs to be included by PSVIHandler
Fix to #4556
Fix for bug 23930
Fixed documentation bug#24746
changes in support of second phase of XSModel implementation
removed methods made unnecessary by new XSModel implementation design
PSVI updates
When invoking resolveEntity, specify the current document as the base URI
Fix to bug #4556
Pass correct initSize to container during deserialization
Solve Compilation/Linkage error on AIX/Solaris/HP/Linux
Stateless Grammar: Validation Context
Serialization of XSAnnotation.
implementation for new stateless means of traversing attribute definition lists
Fixed memory leak
fix for bug 24287
PSVI/schema component model implementation
fix compilation errors on AIX and HPUX
For PSVI support, distinguish wildcard elements with namespace lists.
update KEYS file with public key as newly-signed by two other Apache-ites
Add Mac OS X DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH notes to unix build instructions
update grammar pool interface so that cacheGrammar(Grammar) can tell the caller whether the grammar was accepted. Also fix some documentation errors.
Patch to Solaris compiler error
PSVI support for annotations.
first part of PSVI/schema component model implementation.
Grammar Pool Specification updates

don't serialize built-in baseValidator, and don't serialize localName/uriName
When invoking resolveEntity, specify the base URI
When loading a grammar that's going to be cached, re-use the grammars already in the cache
A version of lastIndexOf would crash the application if the character to be searched was not found in the string
Updated BCB6 project
Serialization test fix
Enhanced Entity Resolver Support.
GrammarPool serialization/deserialization
Support for Template serialization/deserialization added
Add comment regarding permissible values for XML_PLATFORM_NEW_BLOCK_ALIGNMENT.
Fix for bug #24207
Fix memory leak
Annotation support
Fixed memory leak [bug 23073]
Update COM project files
update XercesLib.mak
Inside a schema, the properties "fixed" and "default" for a reference to an attribute were ignored unless the "required" property were also present [bug 11767]
Fix multithreading problem
Pass in memory manager to constructors and use for creation of enumerators.
Open files for reading as "r", not "r+". on MacOS
Support for Template class serialization/deserialization
Fix multithreading problem for regular expression.
Implementation of Serialization/Deserialization for Schema components
update XSModel and XSObject interface so that IDs can be used to query components in XSModels, and so that those IDs can be recovered from components
Implementation of Serialization/Deserialization for Grammar components
fix for bug 21780
Synchronized StringPool for thread-safe updates.
Synchronize ContentSpec/ContentModel/FormattedModel
API for Template_Class Object Serialization/Deserialization
Fix #23413
Rewrite packageSources
Stateless Grammar
Implementation of Serialization/Deserialization for Datatype Validators
Removed ^Z from end of files which was preventing compilation under gcc 2.96.
improve handling of out of memory conditions, bug #23415
Refactoring of some code to improve performance.
Synchronize ContentSpecNode and formattedModel
fix for bug #23427
Loose the assert condition so that Serializable class need NOT to check the actual string length before read/write.
useImplementation should use memory maneger.
Inplementation for Serialization/Deserialization
Macro re-organized: provide create/nocreate macros for abstract and nonabstract classes
change Grammar::putElemDecl(XMLElementDecl, bool) so that it does not require the Grammar object to be const. Also, mark findOrAddGrammar as being dangerous in multithreaded situations
doc fix
OSU: Object Serialization Utilities
updated the distribution directory.
make Grammar pool be responsible for creating and owning URI string pools. This is one more step towards having grammars be independent of the parsers involved in their creation
PSVI/schema component model classes
enable MemParse to work on OS400.
fix compiler warnings on ISeries; add Apache copyright notice
Restore pre2.3 constructors
Fix bug #22938. Deletion of void* is illegal.
Fix for bug #22008. Removed the ability to adopt the DOMObject.
Fix bug #19605. Problem with CDATA END TAG
added API to get an enumerator for the cached grammars.
Fix for bug 21990
If a type was explicitly declared as anyType that now gets set in DOMTypeInfo. Added test cases.
Add new static global that always points to array-allocating memory manager
Fixed a bug where multiple invalid elements with the same name/uri were not being set with appropriate PSVI info. Added a test case to expose the problem.
Add new memory allocator that allocates using new[], for use where returned memory must be able to be deleted using delete []. This saves duplicated code in cases where a routine is optionally called with a specific memory manager, such as in the case of transcode
fix compilation errors on HPUX and Solaris
Fix bug #22697; transcodeFrom incorrectly throws on kTECOutputBufferFullStatus.
fix for bug 22178
keep the fGrammarFromPool in sync to avoid problems when parseing multiple times.
Not all unknown attributes are faulted in. In these cases the DOMTypeINfo should report AnySimpleType, not AnyURI as they were.
add the Apache license to various Perl scripts that did not have it
use PlatformUtils::panic()
Added a method for use in XercesDOMParser (and others derived from AbstractDOMParser) and a feature in DOMBuilder that allows the creation of the document during parse to be from an DOMImplementation other than the default.
Changed constuctors to protected to be derivatable
Reorderd initializer list to prevent compiler warning.
A basic perl script that takes a DOM header file and creates the format used in HTML bindings file.
Added Level 3 XPath interfaces.
fix for bug 22565
fixing bug 21001
fix for bug 22537
fix for bug 22457. Union types that are restrictions of other union types were previously considered not to inherit their parents member types. This is at variance with the behaviour of the Java parser and apparently with the spec.
Method added to allow serilization of custom nodes from derived classes.
patch for bug 16933
Code refactoring to improve performance of validation.
fix to bug 22177
fix for bug 20058
Added serialization for attribute nodes
fixes to make OS390PlatformUtils.cpp compile
fix segmentation faults that may arise when the parser throws exceptions during document parsing. In general, XMLPlatformUtils::Terminate() should not be called from within a catch statement.
Update Win32 CodeWarrior project for recent file additions/deletions;
Update Mac OS ProjectBuilder project for recent file additions/deletions
Resolve bug #21623; document that XMLParsePath... routines may fail if the file doesn't exist
fix to permit the samples source to be copied from a non-writable to a writable part of the filesystem, then compiled. Binaries will also be dropped in a writable directory. This should make experimentation easier on multi-user systems.
The patch fixes Bugzilla #19787, #20006, #20009, #20010 and #20287, and several other issues.
Fix for bug #20005
Patch for bug #20530 - Attributes which have the same expanded name are not considered duplicates.
getTextContent fix
Fix build under VC7
fixing bug 21573
fix for bug 18860
Documentation on system call, strtod
patch to bug 20353
patch to bug 21527
Stateless Grammar: create grammar components with grammarPool's memory Manager
Stateless Grammar: Initialize scanner with grammarResolver
specify library with version on AIX
to solve unresolved symbol on Solaris
clean up temporary XMLGrammarDescription to make MemoryTest happy
Stateless Grammar Pool :: Part I
update xerces-c.spec file
Add support to threadtest for Mac OS X
Add DYLIB_LIBRARY_PATH directions for running samples under Mac OS X.
Bug#20552 Updated VC7 Project files.
for build on WinXP.NET and Intel Electron
new test for the pluggable memory management mechanism.
fix for bug #20092
Bug 20413 Xerces 2.3 does not compile under NetBSD 1.6
Fixes so we compile under VC7.1.
Use new macros for iostream.h and std:: issues.
fix to bug #20350. Fix 2 typos.
fixed typo for version number
Fix memory leak when using deprecated dom.
Fix to bug #16817. Non leaf nodes and attributes now get notified of release
fix to bug #20325. Removed unused file and updated Projects.
Added macros in so we can determine whether to do things like iostream as opposed to iostream.h and whether to use std:: or not.
update copyright notice
upload public key used for signing releases
fix typo that could have been impacting correct operation of reference counting.
Use memory manager embedded in rather than the one passed in to de-allocate memory.
fix segfault on GCC 2.9x. The depreacted DOM attribute implementation had a cute trick where a void * field could be either a NodeChild pointer or a DOMString; the latter played havoc with the new memory management paradigm. Now a union of a DOMString * and a ChildNode * is used.
make GCC happy and make it clearer what we actually use alignPointerForNewBlockAllocation() for in our code.
Move pointer alignment functionality into XMLPlatform header; revise XMemory and DOMDocumentImpl to return blocks aligned by this function
removal of isOwnerDocSingleton
Build memory manager on hp
PanicHandler interface should not inherit from XMemory
Removed usage of std to compile under gcc and other platforms
Fix another case where use of fallback characters during transcode could cause undesired failure of transcode
Ensure proper block alignment for blocks allocated with XMemory new operators
Handle allocation of document types not created by a DOM document
Fix to HP-UX compiler's complaint about the duplicate overload of delete
fix to gcc 2.95.x internal error for some template definitions
release document
Mac OS LCP transcoder fix
CodeWarrior Mac OS Project File updates
CodeWarror Win32 Project File updates
First cut at Mac OS X Project Builder changes
Apply Memory Manager to Base64
Initialize ValueVectorOf
NetBSD compilation fix

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