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Revision 1.3, Fri Feb 3 15:04:25 2012 UTC (7 years, 11 months ago) by ryoon
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +8 -9 lines

Update to 1.1.0

* Update HOMEPAGE.

* Version 1.1.0 - November 2011, by Martin von Gager

  * Updated Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian,
    Swedish and Ukrainian translations.
  * Fix several issue with the use of screen in the test suite.
  * Allow WDIFF_PAGER to override PAGER environment variable.
  * Do not autodetect less, so we don't auto-enable less-mode.
    This should improve things for UTF8 text. (Savannah bug #34224)
    Less-mode is considered deprecated, as it isn't fit for multi-byte
    encodings. Nevertheless it can still be enabled on the command line.

* Version 1.0.2 - September 2011, by Martin von Gagern

  * Unofficial beta release
  * Introduces use of ngettext to allow correct handling of plural forms

The GNU wdiff program is a front end to diff for comparing files
on a word per word basis.  A word is anything between whitespace.
This is useful for comparing two texts in which a few words have
been changed and for which paragraphs have been refilled.  It works
by creating two temporary files, one word per line, and then executes
diff on these files.  It collects the diff output and uses it to
produce a nicer display of word differences between the original