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Annotation of pkgsrc/textproc/tinyxml/DESCR, Revision 1.1

1.1     ! wiz         1: TinyXML parses an XML document, and builds from that a Document Object Model
        !             2: (DOM) that can be read, modified, and saved.
        !             3:
        !             4: TinyXML uses a Document Object Model (DOM), meaning the XML data is parsed into
        !             5: a C++ objects that can be browsed and manipulated, and then written to disk or
        !             6: another output stream. You can also construct an XML document from scratch with
        !             7: C++ objects and write this to disk or another output stream.
        !             8:
        !             9: TinyXML doesn't parse or use DTDs (Document Type Definitions) or XSLs
        !            10: (eXtensible Stylesheet Language.) There are other parsers out there (check out
        !            11: www.sourceforge.org, search for XML) that are much more fully featured. But
        !            12: they are also much bigger, take longer to set up in your project, have a higher
        !            13: learning curve, and often have a more restrictive license. If you are working
        !            14: with browsers or have more complete XML needs, TinyXML is not the parser for
        !            15: you.

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