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Revision 1.14, Mon Apr 25 07:05:52 2022 UTC (5 months, 1 week ago) by markd
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2022Q3-base, pkgsrc-2022Q3, pkgsrc-2022Q2-base, pkgsrc-2022Q2
Changes since 1.13: +4 -4 lines

syntax-highlighting: update to 5.93.0

LaTeX: allow Math env within another Math env
java: add assert and var keywords
cmake.xml: Updates for CMake 3.20
PHP: add preg_last_error_msg() function and classes that was previously a resource
Js: numeric separator ; fix Octal ; add new classes
Try to fix Qt 5.14 based compile
Make it possible to compile with Qt 6
Fix #5 and add Path style with alternate value (${xx:-/path/})
Python: add match and case keywords (Python 3.10)
Bump rust.xml to version 12
Do not spellcheck in Rust code
Markdown: add folding in sections
Fix BracketMatching color in Breeze Dark theme
Added more checking and number support
Added proper escaping support with error handling
Yet another DetectSpaces at MultiLineText
Removed Variable context; not needed
Added Error displaying for Placeables
Included ##Comments
Optimisations (DetectIdentifier, etc.)
Fixed Attribute handling
Added support for identifiers
Multiline text is now working
Added support for fluent language files
Add `findloc` Fortran function

debchangelog: add Impish Indri
remove text/plain from Godot
systemd unit: merge some RegExpr rules
systemd unit: increase version number
systemd unit: update to systemd v248
add support for Godot's gd-scripts
Doxygen: fix Word style when the word is at the end of line

Rust syntax - Separate ControlFlow from Keywords
Fix perl qw< > highlighting
Update GAS syntax to highlight reg/instrs/jmp instrs

Indexer: suggest more RangeDetect instead of RegExpr
Use cstyle indenter for PHP (HTML)
Haskell: fix comment in an import and some improvement
Indexer: checks that the rules of a context are all reachable at least once
Python: add bytes literals
GLSL: based on GLSL 4.6
Bash/Zsh: fix file descriptor and group in sub-shell, noglob and some
Control Flow
Python: highlight errors in numbers and some optimizations
Remove unneeded LGPL-2.0-only license text
GLSL: add types, qualifiers and reserved keywords
fix copyright to be the expected array
Falcon theme
improve INI highlighting for string values
add highlighting for the Swift language
rework function matching
some more fixes to Julia syntax
Julia highlighting fixes
enable unicode support for regex in highlightings
Add Dart language

toml.xml: forbid 0_digits in integers
toml.xml: support single-quoted keys
Python: Fix r"\\" and derivatives
Python: Make unescaped single quote (' or ") strings non-multiline
make update_kate_editor_org bsd compatible
Python: Fix single quote bytes literals (b"")
cmake.xml: Drop version related `find_package()` vars
cmake.xml: Update variables for `find_package()` interface
cmake.xml: Add CMake 3.21 features
XML: add Attribute Separator style (= in <tag attr=value>)
XSLT: Enhance highlighter colors (like XML) + region for tag
Ini: value as int, float or keyword only if it represents the full value
Agda: update keyword list to Agda 2.6.2
XML: fix <!DOCTYPE detection and reordered rules for faster reading (+20%)
Python: }} in a f-string as an escape character and add !a flag
systemd unit: update to systemd v249
systemd unit: fix highlighting of unit name
Mark katehighlightingindexer as a non-GUI executable
Disable using QtXMLPatterns with sanitizer build
Indexer: suggest LineContinue instead of RegExpr
move coroutine keywords in controlflow and replace some keyword rule with WordDetect

cpp.xml: Add two QFlags-related macros
markdown.xml: End nested sub-headers fold regions when parent header is closed
Python: Add "yield from" keyword
Julia highlighting fixes
Simplify helpers of Repository::definition[s]For*()
Optimize Repository::definitionFor(FileName|MimeType)
Repository: unify definitionsForFileName() and definitionsForMimeType()
add extra resource path lookups for app files
Remove caseSensitive parameter to optimize WildcardMatcher
Export WildcardMatcher
Accept both Definition objects and definition names
Move the default repository management out of KQuickSyntaxHighlighter
Add a QObject wrapper for Repository
Don't hardcode the default theme, but pick one based on the palette
Import Eike's QtQuick syntax highlighter and adapt the build system
WildcardMatcher: treat unmatched filename prefixes as no match
Port QStringRef (deprected) to QStringView
Add rbreak and watch keywords for GDB highlighting
Properly highlight RR keywords containing a dash
PL/I: Also recognise "pl1" extension and MIME type
default themes: Add contrast between String and VerbatimString
breeze-light.theme: Add contrast between strings and raw strings
isocpp.xml: Highlight raw string delimeters (bug 440038)
Update Kconfig highlighter to Linux 5.13

Add basic QML API docs
yara - add new 4.x keywords
Change license to MIT
Removed items that are generating errors for now
initial work on terraform syntax highlight
Port AbstractHighlighter::highlightLine to QStringView

' is a valid identifier part
Fix the colors of modified and saved lines
cmake.xml: Recognize CMake provided modules and functions/macros
Remove *.nix files from Bash syntax
Add Nix highlighting
debchangelog: add Jammy Jellyfish
update refs to improved Dockerfile highlighting
bash.xml: Add Exherbo script file extensions recognized as `bash`
dockerfile.xml: Use `bash` syntax for shell form of commands
Specify byproducts for ExternalProject_Add call
cmake.xml: Improvements to highlighting
Add support of YAML in Fenced Code Blocks in Markdown
Update GNU Assmebler syntax

markdown.xml: Fix highlighting of headers (include last char)
Update orgmode.xml
use the same way as emacs to highlight priority cookie
support verbatim since it seems used more often than inline code
support single line comment, babel call, priority cookie
Update context.xml version
Update ConTeXt test references
Corrected syntax for ConTeXt TABLE commands
ConTeXt: Verbatim highlighting allows for nesting
Added ConTeXt test references
Update context.xml version number
Added highlighting for ConTeXt "\m" command
Fixed current math command highlighting
misc: Add `Pipfile` to create Python venv for generators
cmake.xml: Updates for CMake 3.22
fix: Add `Loader` parameter in call to `yaml.load()`
update test for inline code
support inline code and another type of number list
support block and number list
add orgmode.xml
add racket.xml

Systemd unit: update to systemd v250
Separate dynamic StringDetect rule to avoid copies in StringDetect::doMath()
Very basic support for [[link]] and [[link][desc]]
support implicit link in normal text
SQL and SQL (PostgreSQL): nested comments support
GnuPlot: fix a lot of issue
PHP: add readonly, never and some functions/classes/constants of php-8.1
Bash and Zsh: support of ${!2}
Bash: more unixcommands (GNU coreutils and some others)
Fix language specification comments
Rename MIME type text/x-objcpp-src => text/x-objc++src
Add Homuncuius.theme
Remove rawhtml, not needed
Add grammar for RETRO Forth

Python: fix line continuation starting with a string
CSS: add some values and functions
CSS: fix nested function call
Zsh: fix line-break and pattern in double bracket condition
Bash: fix line-break in double bracket condition
Bash: fix parameter expansion replacement with extended glob
[R] Add support for new pipe from R 4.1
Update Stan highlighting

Bash: fix parameter expansion replacement with path without extended glob
Lua: fix function highlighting with local function
Propagate Qt major version to external project build of the host tools
Bash/Zsh: fix keyword ! in ! cmd

Go syntax - "go" -> ControlFlow
Go syntax - Separate ControlFlow from Keywords
Bash/Zsh: fix expression closing parenthesis in regex

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.14 2022/04/25 07:05:52 markd Exp $

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