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Annotation of pkgsrc/textproc/redland/DESCR, Revision

1.1       markd       1: Redland is a set of free software libraries that provide support for the
                      2: Resource Description Framework (RDF).
                      3: * Modular, object based libraries and APIs for manipulating the RDF graph,
                      4:   triples, URIs and Literals.
                      5: * Storage for graphs in memory and persistently with Sleepycat/Berkeley DB,
                      6:   MySQL 3-5, PostgreSQL, AKT Triplestore, SQLite, files or URIs.
                      7: * Support for multiple syntaxes for reading and writing RDF as RDF/XML,
                      8:   N-Triples and Turtle Terse RDF Triple Language, RSS and Atom syntaxes via
                      9:   the Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit.
                     10: * Querying with SPARQL and RDQL using the Rasqal RDF Query Library.
                     11: * Data aggregation and recording provenance support with Redland contexts.
                     12: * Language Bindings in Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby via the Redland Bindings
                     13:   package.
                     14: * Command line utility programs rdfproc (RDF), rapper (parsing) and roqet
                     15:   (query).
                     16: * Portable, fast and with no known memory leaks.

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